• Released RequestReduce 1.7.0: Giving the RequestReduce onboarding story a happy beginning – Matt Wrock announces the release of RequestReduce 1.7.0, the latest update to this library for helping you to reduce the size of your web pages. This release improves the handling of complex CSS involving multiples classes, improves performances of page processing with lots of sprites, adds support for Windows authentication when retrieving files, and better handles CSS with no content.
  • Vulnerability in AntiXSS Library Could Allow Information Disclosure – Barry Dorrans announces the release of a new version of the AntiXSS Library to address issues with possible information disclosure as discussed in MS12-007. This update requires you to update your developer tools, and rebuild (test) and deploy applications which make use of the AntiXSS library to gain protection.
  • Upcoming Releases: 1.0.1, 1.1, and beyond – Todd Parker of the jQuery Mobile Team outlines the next 3 planned release, with a maintenance release planned for jQuery Mobile 1.0, and then looks at what they hope to include in version 1.1 and 1.2, with lots of new features and widgets planned.



  • Knockout.js & YOUR Mobile Future – The DevEvening UserGroup in Woking, Surry welcome Graeme Foster and Matt Lacey to present at their next meeting, on Wednesday 25th January. Graeme will be presenting a session on building client side web applications using Knockout.js, and Matt will be talking about mobile development trends.
  • Matt Lacey on Tour – Gary Ewan Park shares the plans for Matt Lacy to visit the various Scottish usergroups, with sessions planned for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen during the week commencing Monday 20th February.
  • Updated agenda for Six Weeks of Windows Azure now available #6weeksazure – Eric Nelson highlights the latest updates to the Six Weeks of Windows Azure, and also reminds us all that it is not too late to sign up for this 6 week course in all aspects of Windows Azure, due to kick off on 23rd January.
  • NxtGenUG – Event – This Androids Life – Ross Scott will be delivering his session on the various options for development of Android applications at the Oxford / Abindgon NxtGenUG group in Tuesday 7th February. In the session Ross will look at using HTML5 and Phone Gap, Java and .NET / C# to develop applications for Android devices.