• Every public change is a breaking change – Eric Lippert discusses the concept of a breaking change, where code that compiled against the previous version of a library no longer compiles, looking at some of the more exotic causes of this type of breaking change.
  • The evolution of asynchronous controllers in ASP.NET MVC – Simone Chiaretta discusses the improvements that have been made to Asynchronous Controllers in the MVC 4 preview release, discussing who the techniques for creating async controllers is now easier, shorter and more comprehendible using the task library.
  • Minify JavaScript using UglifyJS and NodeJS – Jonathan Creamer highlights the JavaScript minification offered by UglyifyJS, a minifier which runs on NodeJS. In this post Jonathan walks through the required installations to get the standalone command line tool up and running.
  • CSS Corner: Using the Whole Font – Sylvain Galineau of the Internet Explorer Team discusses the enhanced typography which is now possible using the CSS3 @font-face rule and WOFF font packaging format, showing how the features of OpenType can be utilised.
  • In .NET, open source does not beget open source – Benjamin van der Veen discusses some of the friction points along the way of getting .NET Open source projects to build and make use of the various open source projects which provide testing, packaging, etc both on .NET and Mono.


  • 16 Feb 2012 – Simple.Data and FubuMVC – Mark Rendle and Ian Battersby join the Kent .NET and SQL User group on Thursday 16th February 2012 for two sessions on Simple.Data and FubuMVC respectivly.
  • SQLSoton – January 11th – The Southampton SQL Server User Group wecome Chris Webb and John Martin for 2 sessions tomorrow evening (11th January), with Chris presenting a session on ‘Introduction to DAX queries and Calculations’ and John presenting a session titled ‘Service Broker 101’