• ASP.NET session hijacking with Google and ELMAH – Troy Hunt discusses some of the dangerous information that the ELMAH library can expose to the general public allowing them to gain information which can help to compromise your systems, and looks at what you should do to protect yourself.
  • SOLID JavaScript: The Interface Segregation Principle – Derek Greet continues his series looking at the application of the SOLID Principles to development in JavaScript. This post explores the applicability and application of the Interface Segregation Principle.
  • The Windows Libraries for JavaScript: Part I – Chris Sells continues his exploration of Windows 8 Metro Style Application Development using JavaScript and the Windows Runtime. This post begins taking a look at the WinJS library which surfaces WinRT in JavaScript.
  • C#, Visual Studio 2010, No more Client profile in 5minutes – Daniel Wertheim shows how you can modify your Visual Studio installation’s templates to enable the full .NETprofile rather than the client profile by default. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been baffled by code that should be valid not compiling due to forgetting to switch profiles, so this will be areal time (and sanity) saver.
  • An Overview of Functional Programming & 1. Recursion – Where are my for/while loops? – Dorian Corompt kicks off a 9 part series looking at the principles of Functional Programming and the F# language, starting off with an introduction to the series and a look at recursion.
  • Mango Sample: Introducing the Info Hub – Jerry Nixon shares his InfoHub class, a class which wraps up access to all of the various properties about the device upon which your applications are running, subscribing to events for properties which may change. Jerry discusses the class’s contents and looks at its use.
  • Before you press send – The Windows Phone UK Center of Excellence shares a post discussing the various UI and design aspects which you should consider before submitting your application to the marketplace.
  • Essential guide to ASP.NET MVC3 performance – Leon Cullens highlights some of the key features in ASP.NET MVC3 which allow you to improve the performance of your web applications, discussing caching, use of session, asynchronous controllers, client side validation and deployment configuration.
  • You are responsible for making that feature work. Write a test. Just do it… – Jason Jarrett urges you to resist the urge to commit code without unit tests, sharing another good reason for including tests to ensure that if anyone has to merge your change into their code that the test will ensure things don’t get lost.
  • Unit Testing Myths and Practices – Tom Fischer discusses some of the common myths that prevent the uptake of unit testing in enterprise software environments, discussing each
  • Battle of heart vs mind; you win again #Razor :'( – Ian Battersby shares an interesting discussion about making technology choices, looking at the various perspectives involved, and discussing the decision for his team to use the Razor view engine with FubuMVC rather than Spark.


  • NEBytes Jan 2012 – Yes We’re Two!!! – THe NE Bytes UserGroup celebrates its second birthday with two sessions in Newcastle Upon Tyne, one from Gary Short on data mining the social web, and a second from Jonathan Noble on the new features of PowerShell 3. The Event is on Wednesday 18th January.
  • Sebastien Lambla on Tour – Gary Ewan Park highlights a series of events taking place across Scotland (and one in Manchester) featuring Seb Lambla discussing Web and HTTP Caching. The talks (and geek dinner) are happening ion Manchester, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow.
  • UK Developer Events for 2012 – Gary also has catalogued the various major events that will be occurring (or hope will be occurring) during the year that he is hoping to attend.