Update: A bit of Copy / Paste failure this morning resulted in the title of Mehdi Khalili’s post ‘Executable Attributes in bddify’ ending up with the title of Stephen Roughley’s talk. All sorted now, and thanks to David for letting me know via the comments


  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: The DateTime TryParse() and ParseExact() Methods – James Michael Hare resumes his C# & .NET Little Wonders series with a look at the parsing of dates using the framework methods TryParse and ParseExact, illustrating their use and discussing the differences in behaviour.
  • Inside the Concurrent Collections – Simon Cooper takes a look at how the Concurrent Collections introduced in .NET 4 are implemented, discussing how the achieve concurrency and looking at the types of locking and synchronisation used.
  • Executable Attributes in bddify – Mehdi Khalili continues his series of posts discussing his Bddify Behaviour Driven Development framework which allows you to introduce BDD concepts gradually to your tests. This part explores the use of attributes to control the execution of tests.
  • PowerShell 3 – Finally on the DLR! – Joel ‘Jaykul’ Bennett discusses PowerShell 3, planned to ship with Windows 8, and currently in available as a CTP release, and discusses it now being based on the .NET Dynamic Language Runtime (DRL) and some of the benefits that brings.
  • Building a Windows 8 RSS Reader – Eric Vogel runs through the creation of a RSS Reader application for Windows 8 using the WinRT libraries from C#
  • On Infinite Scalability – Ayende follows on from a piece by UDi Dahan, recently linked to in The Morning Brew, about the concept of Infinite Scalability. Ayende discusses the typical scalability requirements, and the notion of being an order of magnitude better to give headroom.
  • No Class is an Island – John discusses the creation of classes, the concepts of loose coupling and tight cohesion, and classes relationships to others in the framework they belong to


  • The Stack – Liverpool .Net User Group – February 2012 – The Stack Usergroup, running here in Liverpool resumes its events schedule on the 6th February 2012 with two sessions, one from Tim Myers on Azure LOB Application – from Concept to Cloud in 6 weeks, and the second from Stephen Roughley on Isolating the Domain Model from Azure.
  • Announcing DDD South West 4 – Guy Smith-Ferrier annouces the planned date for Developer Developer Developer South West 4, set to occur on Saturday 26th May, at the University of West England, near Bristol.
  • Minimalist Development with Nancy and Simple.Data with Mark Rendle – Mark Rendle joins the .NET Developer Network Usergroup in Bristol for a session on Minimalist Web Development using his Simple.Data library and the Nancy HTTP Framework on Tuesday 24th January 2012.