• ReSharper 6.1, dotCover 1.2 and dotTrace 4.5.2 Performance Released – The Team over at JetBrains share an early Christmas present with us all in the form of three new releases. ReSharper 6.1, dotCover 1.2 and dotTrace 4.5.2 have all emerged from their EAP status into fully fledged releases, each bringing some new features and enhancements to the table.
  • TouchDevelop v2.5: new tutorial, artwork, forum, and more – Nikolai Tillmann announces the release of TouchDevelop v2.5 which fixes a number of reported issues along with adding some new APIs, a new tutorial and a number of other new features.
  • TFS + NuGet =’;s? TFS NuGetter of course! – Greg Duncan highlights TFS NuGetter, a project which extends the Team Foundation Server 2010 build process to easily make NuGet Packages of your build artefacts and publish them in an automated and repeatable way.