• PhoneGap 1.3 Released – The PhoneGap team announce the release of PhoneGap 1.3, a significant update which brings improved BlackBerry and Windows Phone support to this toolkit for building Phone applications using HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Full Support for PhoneGap on Windows Phone is Now Complete! – Abu Obeida over on the Interoperability @ Microsoft blog discusses the PhoneGap release, highlighting feature level of the WP7 integration, discussing the integration with Visual Studio and looking forward to PhoneGap 1.4


  • Shadowcasting in C#, Part Three – Eric Lippert continues his look at the algorithms surrounding a simple problem from the game Rogue, and in this post digs down into a division operation, going into detail on the operation to determine the top cell.
  • Sharing with CompositionScopeDefinition in MEF 2 & What’s new in MEF 2 Preview 5? – Nick Alok discusses the a new type in the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) called CompositionScopeDefinition which controls the sharing of items produced by the export factory. Nick also discusses some of the changes in MEF2 Preview release 5, which has just been released.
  • SOLID JavaScript: The Open/Closed Principle – Derek Greer presses on with his series looking at the application of the SOLID principles to programming in in this post discussing the Open/Closed Principle, illustrating its application wih an example.
  • Using the JavaScript Prototype Property to Structure and Extend Code – Dan Wahlin discusses the use of the Prototype property that all JavaScript object have and looks at using it to extend the behaviour of code, discussing the Prototype and Revealing Prototype patterns
  • The rise and rise of JavaScript – Dan North discusses the recent rise in popularity of the JavaScript language, discussing many of the places where it is cropping up these days, discussing the improvement in techniques and ways of working with the language and looking to the future of JavaScript.
  • Memory Management In .Net – Story Board – Paul Stack highlights a nice storyboard introduction to how memory management works in .NET from the folks over at Redgate.
  • Performance Guidelines for Properties – Rico Mariani shares his guide to te performance of properties in .NET discussing principles you should observe when creating your properties implementations, and discussing the performance considerations.
  • Free eBook: OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers – Troy Hunt announces the release of his free eBook on the top 10 security vulnerabilities for we applications as described by OWASP focusing on them from a .NET point of view. This was a great blog article series, and if you haven’t already read it this is essential Christmas holiday reading.
  • Mango Sample: Resources Part 1: Themes,Part 2: Colors,Part 3: Sizes & Part 4: Styles – Jerry Nixon continues his Mango Samples seriese with a 4 part look at the use of resources in your Windows Phone Applications discussing the use of Themes, Colours, sizes and styles.