• Castle Windsor 3.0 is released – Krzysztof Kozmic announces the official release of Castle Windsor 3.0. This release features no major changes over the previous Release Candidate release, with only bugfixes and a few improvements being included. The release is available both as a NuGet Package and also as standalone .ZIP download.
  • Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Training Kit – Lee Stott highlights the release of an update of the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Training Kit containing updates to labs made at the //Build conference. The kit is available as a web installer or full offline package, and the contents of the training kit can also be viewed online on MSDN.
  • December 2011 TFS Power Tools Release – Brian Harry announces the release of an update to the TFS Power Tools. This December 2011 release focuses attention on those interacting with TFS from other environments, including updates to the Eclipse integration, 64 bit MSSCCI provider support as well as a few improvements for those working in Visual Studio.
  • Windows Azure Service Bus EAI and EDI – first public CTP availability – Avkash Chauhan highlights the first public CTP Release of the Windows Azure Service Bus Enterprise Application Integration and Electronic Data Interchange, providing improve B2B integration and allowing connectivity between private cloud and public cloud service bus instances.


  • Node.js For Dummies – Davy Brion gives a nice introduction to some of the key concepts behind the ever increasingly popular Node.js, highlighting where Node.js is different from many other technology stacks.
  • Composite JavaScript Applications With Backbone And Backbone.Marionette – Derick Bailey continues his series of posts on BackboneJS with this post announcing his Marionette BackboneJS library. Marionette enables a number of composite application structures for your Backbone applications.
  • A Case For Using CoffeeScript – Justin Etheredge discusses some of the points raised in ‘A case against using CoffeeScript’ (article linked in the post) discussing some of tbe bad parts of the language, along with looking at debugging and the comprehension of CoffeeScript code.
  • Hadoop Streaming and F# MapReduce – Carl Nolan discusses the use of MapReduce in F# and the new support for Hadoop Streaming , exploring the implementation of a simple example and the testing of it
  • Continuous Delivery Project – Making MVCMusicStore Testable – Eli Weinstock-Herman continues his series on Continuous Delivery, takjing a look at adding tests to the MVCMusicStore application, covering a variety of techniques for testing. These tests will be included into the CI build in the next post
  • A Simple Multi-Page Windows Phone 7 PhoneGap Example – Colin Eberhardt gives a nice tutorial on using PhoneGap to create multi-page applications for Windows Phone, including discussion of enabling the back button, disabling pan and zoom and implementing a splash screen.


  • NxtGenUG – Event – Web Caching 101 – Seb Lambla visits the Manchester / Warrington NxtGenUG on Wednesday 18th January for a session exploring web caching and how it can make your websites quicker and more scalable.