• Nuget 1.6 – NuGet 1.6 has been launched, bringing with it a number of significant advances, including support for Semantic Versioning and Pre-release packages, built in capabilities for restoring packages so you don’t have to put them in version control, the ability to install packages for item templates and the ability to disable package sources.
  • Install-Package Roslyn – Kirill Osenkov highlights the release of the Roslyn CTP as a NuGet package making it ever easier to include this exciting new functionality in your own projects.
  • Released RequestReduce.SassLessCoffee: Now have RequestReduce compile your .less, .sass, .scss and .coffee files before minifying and bundling them – Matt Wrock highlights last Friday’s release of RequestReduce.SassLessCoffee which brings support for .less .sass and ,scss files to be compiled by RequestReduce prior to them being cached minified and bundled.
  • dotPeek is Back with New Early Build – Jura Gorohovsky of JetBrains annoucnes their latest early access build of dotPeek their free .NET decompiler and assembly browser. This new version brings opening from explorer, resource decompilation, References hierarchy and much more.


  • Cleaning Up Your Git Repository For NuGet 1.6 – Nick Berardi discusses the NuGet 1.6 package restore functionality discussing how you should clean out the packages directory from your projects and looking at the process for Git Repositories
  • Better Git with PowerShell – Phil Haack is also discussing git topics as a part of his new role at GitHub (congrats by the way), discussing how PowerShell and Git become good friends with Posh-Git, discussing the use of PSGet to install it.
  • Remove full path of PDB file from C# dll or exe. (/pdbaltpath in c#) – Vaibhav Gaikwad discusses removing or changing the paths that are embedded in executable and DLLs which point to the PDB file, discussing where these are stored and sharing a simple utility which reads the format and updates the files headers.
  • Subterranean IL: Explicit overrides – Simon Cooper continues his series of posts looking at the .NET Intermediate Language, continuing the exploration of this with a look at how override methods are implemented for virtual methods, looking at implicit and explicit overrides at the IL level.
  • 31 Days of Testing – Day 12: Functional Test 101 – Jim Holmes continues his series of posts on Testing with an introduction to Functional Testing of web applications using Selenium and Web Driver
  • Zero-One-Some Testing – George Mastros discusses test case heuristics, discussing the creation of tests and the Zero-one-some practice of testing looking at it applied to database testing.
  • Just because you can test it doesn’t mean you should – Samson Tanrena is also discussing testing practices, talking about the importance of good appropriate tests rather than testing everything
  • 7 WP7 dev tools you might not know but will want to have – ‘Timdams’ has a post which highlights 7 tools and libraries to assist with Windows Phone Development which you may not be aware of, discussing the purpose of each and linking on to further information.
  • Mango Sample: Icon Design, Advertising &Accelerometer – Jerry Nixon presses on with his collection of Windows Phone Mango samples taking a look at the design of icons for use in your applications, the introduction of advertising into your apps, and exploring some code which makes use of the accelerometer built into Windows Phones.