Short edition today due to bad traffic 🙁


  • IE 6/7/8 XP/Vista/Win7 VHD’s Refreshed – Greg Duncan highlights the release of updated Application Compatibility Testing Virtual Machine images fro Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 running on XP/Vista/Windows 7


  • Using-blocks and asynchronous operations – Fredrik Mörk discusses the using block and how it acts as syntactic sugar in our code to make working with IDisposable easier, and discusses the interplay between the new C#5 async/await functionality and using blocks.
  • Manage Your Dependencies with Rake and NuGet – Josh Bush continues on from his last post on using Rake and Albacore to build your .NET projects, and in this post turns attention to working with dependencies in your Rake builds using NuGet 1.6
  • Code signing for the independent developer – Tim Heuer discusses the process of applying and obtaining code signing certificates for signing your Silverlight Out Of Browser applications.
  • Annotated Source Code As Documentation, With Docco – Derick Bailey discusses the importance of writing documentation as well as commenting your code when working on open source projects, and takes a look at using Docco to add annotation to code as a valuable part of a bigger documentation
  • .NET Programming for Absolute Beginners [Free Video Series] – Suprotim Agarwal highlights two introductory video series on Channel9 which aim to teach the basics of C# and VB.NET. Valuable resources next time someone asks you what they should do to start to learn either language.
  • Starting a Continuous Delivery Project – Eli Weinstock-Herman kicks off a series of posts looking at the process of working on a project running as a continuous deliver project. This first post sets the scene for the project, with 6 further posts planned.


  • Official RNIB Accessibility Hackathon! – The London Android Group are joining forces with the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) for an event which will focusing on accessibility hacks and APIs. The event is planned for the weekend 11th February (but may be put back to the 18th) and will be spread over the 2 days of the weekend.