Many many thanks for all of the congratulations and kind comments on yesterday’s 1000th edition post – much appreciated.


  • Improved Developer Experience, Interoperability, and Scalability on Windows Azure – The Windows Azure Team announce multiple updates for the Windows Azure Platform, including price reductions, larger SQL Azure Databases, improved subscriptions management via the newly updated site, SQL Azure Federation, Windows Azure support for Node.js in the Windows Azure SDK for Node.js, preview of Hadoop for Windows Azure, along with a variety of features to improve Azure support for Open Source Development platforms (Eclipse/Java, MongoDB, Solr/Lucene and Memcached). Other announcement posts include:
  • New Windows Azure Guidance Topics Published – Glenn Gailey & (Windows Azure Prescriptive Guidance Released) Rick Saling announce the release of new guidance topics for Windows Azure and SQL Azure, discussing topics including OData, Windows Phone integration, Managing SQL Azure connections, working with Entity Framework and Federations, and much more
  • Now Available: SQL Azure Q4 2011 Service Release – The Windows Azure Team also announce the Q4 2011 service release of SQL Azure, discussing the pricing changes, database size increases and new features of this update.
  • SQL Database Federations: Enhancing SQL to enable Data Sharding for Scalability in the Cloud – Ram Jeyaraman also discusses the new Federation support in the latest update to SQL Azure, giving an overview of the functionality and showing the TSQL use of federations.
  • Launched, SpecsFor 2.2 Released! – Matt Honeycutt announces the launch of both an updated version of his SpecsFor project and also a new project website. The 2.2 release of SpecsFor improves the process for creating multiple mocks of the same type for use in IEnumerable parameters with the introduction of the GetMockForEnumerableOf method.
  • YUI 3.5.0 PR1 Is Now Available – The YUI Team announce their first developer preview release of the YUI 3.5.0 JavaScript library. This release gives the first taste of some of the new features that are coming, and is the first opportunity for you to feed back on the ideas and features. There will be a number of further preview releases as the team continue to implement the new features for the 3.5.0 release.
  • Bumblebee 0.1 is on CodePlex – Mathias Brandewinder announces the alpha release of Bumblebee 0.1. Bumblebee is a implementation of the Artifical Bee Colony algorithm which creates a simulation of the behaviour of a bee colony. What’s interesting about this is the implementation which makes use of the Task Parallel Library to parallelize the implementation over multiple cores, implements a good API design for ease of consumption in C# and F#.