• New CSS Editor Improvements in Visual Studio (ASP.NET 4.5 Series) – Scott Guthrie continues his series of posts looking at the new features of Visual Studio 11 and .NET 4.5, this time exploring the new features of the editor for dealing with CSS Files.
  • C#/.NET Fundamentals: Safely and Efficiently Raising Events – James Michael Hare resumes his C# / .NET Fundamentals series with a look at the raising of events, exploring some of the issues you may encounter in event based code and looking at solutions for them to ensure that your events are raised safely.
  • 31 Days of Mango | Now In eBook Format! – Jeff Blankenburg’s series of posts on Windows Phone Mango has now come to an end, however he is making the series available in e-book format available from the Amazon and Nook e-book stores. Proceeds support the authors who wrote the posts, so if you enjoyed the series and want the content in a good electronic format go get a copy.
  • 31 Days of OData – Day 1 Background of OData & 31 Days of Testing: The Kickoff – 31 Days of… series seem to be all the rage with two new series kicking off this month. First up is Chris Woodruff exploring OData in his ’31 days of OData Series’, and Jim Holmes is taking a look at all aspects of testing in his series ’31 Days of Testing’
  • Simple Producer Consumer With Tasks And .NET 4 – Alois Kraus takes a look at how the Task Parallel Library makes writing parallel code easy, exploring a producer consumer which makes use of tasks.
  • Coalescing CancellationTokens from Timeouts – Stephen Toub discusses the new feature of the CancellationToken which provides for Timeout functionality for your parallel tasks, exploring cancelation of multiple tasks with the one token.
  • Roslyn Syntax Visualizer Tools
    – Chris Sells highlights some of the tools provided as a part of the Roslyn CTP which allow you to gain a better understanding of the details of the syntax tree, discussing the use of the Syntax Visualizer Extension and Syntax Debugger Visualizer.
  • Achieving Block Scope With Immediate Functions In JavaScript – Derick Bailey discusses how you can use Immediate Functions to create scope in a similar way to block scope in other languages illustrating with some examples
  • Knockout.js 1.3 External Templates – Jim Cowart shares his external templates functionality as a plugin for Knockout.js allowing you to separate your templates into separate files allowing you to keep your page size down and code more ordered. Jim illustrates its use with an example.
  • 10 Reasons why the build works locally but fails on the build server – Tim Stall discusses 10 of the most common reasons for ‘Works on My PC’ syndrome where builds work OK on the developers machine but not in the Continuous Integration / Build Server.
  • A look back at the ASP.NET site through the years – Jon Galloway takes a trip down memory lane looking back at the different incarnations of the ASP.NET Website.