Bit of a short edition today (due to time constraints) might make up for it with a special weekend edition if I get the time.


  • Code First Migrations: Beta 1 Released – The ADO.NET Entity Framework Team announce the beta release of Code First Migrations, a database migrations framework intended for use with Entity Framework powered applications. The work done since the beta has been cleaning the API and improving quality along with renaming some types, creation if foreign key indexes and improvements to model change detection.
  • SSMS Tools Pack 2.1.0 is out. Added support for SQL Server 2012 RC0. – Mladen Prajdi? announces an update to his SQL Server Management Studio Tools Pack. This release adds support for SQL Server 2012 RC0, removing regions and debug sections from the tool as they are now included in the core SQL Server Management Studio.
  • TeamCitySharp v0.2 – Paul Stack announces a new release of TeamCitySharp, a C# wrapper round the REST API provided by TeamCity. This release brings a new Build Locator making it easier to obtain build information, and adds a sample Build Monitor project using ASP.NET MVC 3 and Knockout.js.


  • New ASP.NET website launched &ASP.NET website redesign: Now with less Beta, more Live – Scott Hanselman & Jon Galloway announce the launch of the new ASP.NET Website highlighting the new content and improved information architecture and navigation structures.
  • Scott Hanselman’s 2011 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows – Scott Hanselman also released the 2011 update to his Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows. This in depth list of software highlights all the best tools, software and utilities for achieving all those day to day tasks. I’m also thrilled to see that The Morning Brew is featured again in this year’s list – Thanks Scott.
  • MSDN Magazine – December 11 – The December 2011 edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online, with feature articles on the MVPVM design pattern, building HTML5 applications, Responsive Web Design with HTML5, Video encoding and a look at the ProcDump utility, along with all the usual columns.
  • Setting up TeamCity as a native NuGet Server – Hadi Hariri discusses the built in NuGet server feature of the current Early Access Program edition of TeamCity 7 allowing your builds to be easily exposed as packages for consumption.
  • Yes, Simple.Data protects against SQL Injection & Eager-loading RFC – Mark Rendle (not to be confused with his evil twin Merk Rendle) discusses the origins of Simple.Data, and the SQL injection protection it provides, along with asking for feedback on a possible implementation for Eager loading in Simple.Data.