• Ajax Control Toolkit November 2011 Release – Stephen Walther announces the release of the November 2011 edition of the Ajax Control Toolkit, available both as download and NuGet Package. This release includes a new Balloon Popup control and improvements to the tab control.
  • SQL Server 2012 RC0 is now available. Here’s a download link round-up – Greg Duncan gathers together the download links for the RC0 release of SQL Server 2012, the latest pre-release release and a signal that the real release is getting ever closer.
  • jQuery 1.7.1 RC1 Released – The jQuery Team have released a Release Candidate 1 release of jQuery, with the aims of the 1.7.1 release to customer address issues encountered with the initial 1.7 release.


  • Visual Studio 11 IDE Advances – Somasegar continues his series of posts on Visual Studio 11 and the .NET Framework 4.5, shifting focus over to the IDE and taking a look at a number of the developer productivity improvements that have been made there.
  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: The EventHandler and EventHandler<TEventArgs> delegates – James Michael Hare continues his Little Wonders series, and his current topic on delegates with a look at the role of delegates in events and the use of the EventHandler generic delegates.
  • Visual Studio Deployment Tutorial Series Published – Tom Dykstra highlights a new 12 part series on the ASP.NET website about the deployment features available for deploying you ASP.NET web applications to hosting providers
  • A Few of My Favorite HTML5 and CSS3 Online Tools – Dan Wahlin shares his favourite HTML5 and CSS3 tools, taking giving an overview of what each does and why he uses them. Tools covered include HTML5 Boilerplate, Initializr, CSS Maker, Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator, and many more.
  • Generating Mandelbrot fractals using HTML5 – CodeProject – Chris KMPP discusses the generation of Mandelbrot fractals un your browser using JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas element – I do love a good MandelBrot, and this fun demo illustrates canvas use nicely.
  • CSS speed typing for Visual Studio – Mads Kristensen shares video demo and a Visual Studio IDE extension which removes the need to type the { and } characters when writing CSS – something which isof great assistance for those on non-english keyboards.
  • 31 Days of Mango | Day #18: Using Sample Data – Jeff Blankenburg continues his series of 31 days of Windows Phone Mango with a piece about the use of sample data in the development process of building your Windows Phone Applications in Expression Blend.
  • Mango Sample: Async Work & Mango Sample: XML Data – Jerry Nixon is pressing on with his explorations of Windows Phone 7 Mango with a look at performing Async operations and the consumption of embedded XML documents as resources


  • Share One Thing – The DevEvening User Group will be hosting a Share ‘One Thing’ event in Woking on Wednesday 30th November where there will be a collection of small 5 minute talks on things usergroup members are interested in / working on. Giving a talk is optional, but defiantly encouraged (plus a 5 minute talk is quite easy, and really good experience to get into usergroup presenting)
  • W3C HTML5 Conference Videos Online – Typography, Modernizr, Graphics, Mobile and More, Oh My! – ‘jhealy’ highlights the first W3C HTML5 Conference held in Redmond recently. The great news is that lots of the sessions were recorded and are now available online for your viewing pleasure.