• MassTransit v2.0.1 Available – Chris Patterson makes the public announcement of MassTransit v2.0.1, actually released without fanfare back in the end of last month. This release includes fixes for issues which didn’t make it in time for the actual v2 release.
  • NOW AVAILABLE: Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games Version 1.1 – The Windows Azure team announce the 1.1 version of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games, This toolkit contains libraries to help and samples to help you write networked games which utilise the Azure platform for hosting, including leaderboards, Authentication, profiles, invites and notifications, etc.


  • Detecting HTML5/CSS3 Features using Modernizr – Dan Wahlin discusses the use of Modernizr to help you to detect the different HTML5/CSS3 capabilities of the browsers your web applications are running in, and use it to load custom JavaScript to provide a stand in for the functionality.
  • PolyglotPersistence – Martin Fowler discusses the Database Thaw and how increasingly organisations are looking at different types of persistence and data stores, often adopting more than one to cater for the different scenarios of modern software.
  • C# Mini Course – Alfred Thompson shares a mini-course on C# as a series of recordings with supporting slide decks and documentation. This course is a great introduction to programming, aimed at college students, and contains 6-8 hours of video material
  • Ready, set, scaffold! Build ASP.NET MVC 3 applications quickly with MvcScaffolding – Rachel Appel discusses the use of MvcScaffolding to get your ASP.NEt MVC applications up and running quickly, walking through the process of building some scaffolded functionality.
  • Partial Application – Chris Eargle discusses the concept of Partial Application of functions, illustrating the concepts with examples and highlights how you’ve probably been doing this without noticing already.
  • PhoneGap on WP7 tip #1: Handling Orientation – Glen Gordon kicks off a series of posts looking at building Windows Phone 7 applications using the PhoneGap library. This first part in the series looks at the detection of device orientation and handling changes in orientation.
  • Updates to the August 2011 F# 2.0 Compiler Code Drop – Don Syme highlights the availability of an update source code drop for the F# 2.0 compiler. The latest changes allow the compilation of the compiler for use in in browser based Silverlight applications, and updates the TryFSharp sample.
  • 31 Days of Mango | Day #16: Isolated Storage Explorer &Day #17: Using Windows Azure – Jeff Blankenburg’s 31 days of Mango series continues with two more posts from guest authors. Samidip Basu discusses the isolated storage explorer allowing you to look inside the storage of the phone and Michael Collier discusses the use of Windows Phone with Windows Azure.
  • Greatest Hits: Make IntelliSense Transparent – Visual Studio Tips and Tricks – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Zain Naboulsi shares an old but very useful tip about making intellisense tooltips and select boxes partially transparent in Visual Studio using the Ctrl key.


  • NxtGenUG – Event: Introduction to DDD – Ian Cooper will be visiting the Brimingham NxtGenUG for a session on Domain Driven Development and domain modelling on Tuesday 22nd November
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Simple.Data + Nancy – Mark Rendle takes a trip to Hereford to visit the NxtGenUG group there on Monday 12th December, for a session looking at the use of the Nancy Framework and Simple.Data to create lightweight web based applications.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Relatively Speaking … – Dave McMahon will be presenting a session on Relativity and how its effects can be harnessed to boost the speed of computers at the Birmingham NxtGenUG on Tuesday 13th December.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Introduction to Android – The Manchester / Warrington NxtGenUG welcome Will Charles for a session on building native Android applications, discussing some of the bits of Java that can confuse .NET Developers along the way on Wednesday 14th December