• Time Warp – Jesse Taber discusses the complexities and difficulties of handling dates and times, especially when globalisation and daylight savings time are involved, and takes a brief look at the NodaTime library, a .NET Port of Joda Time a well-known Java library.
  • Using the C# Interactive Window that comes with Roslyn – Filip Ekberg takes a look at the interactive REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) environments provided in Visual Studio for F#, and now C# when you have the Roslyn CTP installed.
  • What’s new in .NET Framework 4.5? [poster] – Jouni Heikniemi highlights a poster illustrating the new features and improvements included in the .NET Framework version 4.5.
  • Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Preview Tab – Zain Naboulsi discusses another new feature of Visual Studio 11, available now in the developer preview. Preview Tab gives you a way of seeing the contents of your source files, without having to open them in your own tab, also providing a way of moving a preview to a open document.
  • 10 Laps around Silverlight 5 (Part 6 of 10) – Michael Crump is a little over half way through his series of posts looking at the features of Silverlight 5. This 6th part is the first of two looking at operating system integration with P/Invoke, multiple windows and file system access being explored in this post.
  • Implementing 5 important principles of REST using WCF Services – Shivprasad koirala discusses 5 of the key concepts of REST, and looks at how you can implement a REST based service which complies to these concepts using WCF Services.


  • Tonight at F#unctional Londoners: Byron Cook: Proving program termination with F# – Don Syme highlights tonight’s (16th Nov) F#unctional Londoners session being held at Skills Matter, where Microsoft Research’s Byton Cook will be discussing formal analysis of software to prove that software does what it should
  • WPUG Dec 2011 – Windows Phone 7 – The London Windows Phone User Group are meeting on Wednesday 7th December for their last meeting of the year. Details of the content of the meeting are not finalised yet, but the usual format is a talk (or two) along with time for you to demo and discuss the applications you are working on with fellow developers.