• Now Available – Windows Azure SDK 1.6 – Shaun Xu takes a look at what is included in the Windows Azure SDK 1.6, discussing side by side install with 1.5 and also running through some of the key changes.
  • Compiling F# to JavaScript with Pit – Phil Trelford takes a look at compiling F# code into JavaScript using the F# feature ‘Code Quotations’ and looks at a new F# compiler community project called pit which performs the conversion / compilation.
  • 15 Pragmatic JavaScript Tips for ASP.NET Developers – Jon Galloway shares the slides and notes from his DevConnections session on 15 Pragmatic JavaScript Tips for ASP.NET Developers, including discussion of the Ajax Toolkit, jQuery, the use of NuGet, IDE Features, and SignalR.
  • Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture – ‘TheBeebs’ shares an article discussing and sharing what he learnt from Nicholas Zakas at Full Frontal 2011 on building application architecture for JavaScript based Applications, discussing a variety of concepts to help build a robust structure for your application.
  • Fun with 3D transforms and rollovers – kittens in space – Christian Heilmann shows some neat tricks you can achieve with pure CSS 3 using 3D Transformations to implement pure CSS rollovers
  • Laying out HTML with CSS Grids – Mike Taulty takes a look at laying out pages using the CSS Grids support in Internet Explorer 10, showing how easily you can achieve grid based layouts using simple CSS Rules.
  • 31 Days of Mango | Day #14: Using OData & Day #15: The Progress Bar – Jeff Blankenburg continues his series of 31 posts about Windows Mango with two guest posts, the first from Chris Woodruff on consuming OData in your applications, and the sceond on the use of the progress bar from Doug Mair.