• Azure AppFabric Service Bus Explorer (with code) – Greg Duncan highlights a tool from Paolo Salvatori for examining the contents of an instance of the Windows Azure Service Bus, allowing you to see the information stored in messages. Full Source is available for this useful applet.
  • VS11DP Microsoft Parallel Visualization Pack – Greg also highlights a nice Visual Studio 11 add-in which brings visualisations to the new Parallel Watch Window giving easier ways to view the data once you get more contexts.



  • My impressions of #GiveCampUK – Gary Ewan Park shares his experiences of the first UK GiveCamp held little over a week ago in London – sounds like it was a splendid event, and I was very sorry to not be able to be there. Gary also highlights other posts from attendees. Work is already underway to plan next year’s GiveCamp, visit to stay in the loop.