• Update 4.0.2 for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – Brandon Bray highlights the .NET 4.0.2 update which adds a number of new features and fixes, along with updated tooling releases.
  • What’s new in MEF ‘version 2’ Preview 4? – Nick Alok highlights the 4th preview release of MEF ‘Version 2’, with an official release planned for inclusion in the .NET 4.5 release. This post highlights some of the significant new features, looking at the ue of Open Generic Parts, Convention based part registration, composition scoping enhancements, and much more.
  • Unity 3.0 Preview for .NET 4.5 – Grigori Melnik highlights the 3.0.1026.0 Preview release of Unity which adds support for its use on .NET 4.5 with both WinRT and desktop profiles along with some other improvements.



  • Free OpenWrap workshop, Cambridge, 5th of November – Sebastien Lambla highlights his visit to the Cambridge Developers’ User Group where he will be running an OpenWrap workshop showing how OpenWrap can be used to solve your dependency needs. The event is on Saturday 5th November