• Async CTP v3 – installation – Lucian Wischik highlights the release of Async CTP 3, the team’s 3rd Community Technology Preview. This release addresses problems with installation of the previous CTP release, and the release also addresses a bug causing IDE crashes for VB.NET Developers.
  • Announcing PostSharp 2.1 RTM – Gael Fraiteur announces the RTM release of PostSharp 2.1, available as a direct download or as a NuGet package. 2.1 brings some significant improvements to performance, improved IDE integration, Support for Silverlight 5 and Windows Phone 7.1, and much much more. The SharpCrafters team have also updated their v2.0 product, releasing Update 6.
  • CSLA 4 version 4.2 beta 2 online – Rockford Lhotka announces the second beta release of his CSLA application framework. This release addresses a number of small issues, and it is expected that the RTM release will occur by the end of the month (November)
  • Mini Rx: Observable Extensions – Phil Trelford introduces Mini Rx, a small open source library which brings some of the features of the Reactive Extensions for .NET to the open source world, making use of F# functionality which is included ‘in the box’. An early preview release is available on CodePlex.


  • NuGet Package of Week #11 – ImageResizer enables clean, clear image resizing in ASP.NET – Scott Hanselman continues his NuGet Package of the week series with a look at the ImageResizer.Net project, a nice simeple medium trust compatible way of processing images to suitable sizes for your use on the web.
  • Using Node.js in an ASP.NET MVC application with iisnode – Jon Galloway looks at combining Node.js and ASP.NET MVC in a single application, walking through the required setup, and looking at a simple example of it in use.
  • HTML5 History in IE10 – Tony Ross of the Internet Explorer Team shares a look at the HTML 5 History APIs and how they can aid you in making responsive HTML based web applications, showing ho they can be used in Internet Explorer 10.
  • Got HTML5 and Mobile Dev? PNP Group Needs Your Help… – ‘DevFish’ highlights some work being undertaken by the Patterns and Practices group at Microsoft looking at Mobile web development using HTML5. The team are looking for feedback about what scenarios people are making use of and care about. If this is part of your area of knowledge, help them out by voting.
  • Goodbye HTML5 <time>, hello <data>! – Bruce Lawson highlights the demise of the HTML5 <time> element, and its replacement with a use of the <data> element, along with the removal of the pubdate attribute.
  • Definition of Done in an MVC project – Mehdi Khalili discusses the definition of a project being done, sharing his criteria for declaring an ASP.NET MVC based project done – a good checklist for your own projects to make sure you’ve not forgotten anything important.
  • New and Updated SQL Azure Labs Available – Roger Doherty highlights some new and updated SQL Azure Labs sessions available as a part of the updated Windows Azure Platform Training Kit’s October release. The new SQL Azure focused labs look at using SQL Azure as your data tier, Reporting with SQL Azure, using SQL Azure Data Sync and SQL Azure Federations.
  • Now Available: Relay Load Balancing for Windows Azure Service Bus – The Windows Azure team highlights a new features of the Windows Azure Service Bus which allows relay load balancing of the Service Bus, allowing multiple listeners per relay end point and making it easier to achieve high availability, redundancy and scalability of the service bus.
  • 5 minute wonders: From zero to hero with AppHarbor – Troy Hunt gives a taste of the power of AppHarbor’s hosting offering, a very quick and easy way of getting your .NET based web applications hosted on the cloud. Troy shares a 5 minute video showing the user story of the service.
  • Some myths of ‘Textbook-TDD’, and why they are wrong – Thomas Weller goes back to the Test Driven Development textbooks and discusses some of the areas and rules they discuss that he believes are actually myths.
  • Halloween: VB Style! – Anthony D. Green of the VB.NET team shares how to do the Halloween costume VB.NET Style and introduces the OpenSourus Hex costume


  • A bit here, a bit there… how about a bunch of SQL Bits? On-demand sessions from SQLBits9 – Greg Duncan highligjhts a post from James Serra drawing attention to the almost 70 video recordings of sessions from SQL Bits 9 which happened at the end of September. This is a great opportunity to get to see sessions from an excellent conference.
  • Beer-Up in Reykjavik, Iceland – Phil Haack is visiting Iceland on his way to Ordev and is inviting anyone in the Reykjavik area for drinks and discussion on all things MVC, NuGet and ASP.NET (and even life and philosophy) on the evening of the 7th November.