• OpenWrap 1.0.2 available – Seb Lambla announces an updated version of his OpenWrap package manager for .NET. This update introduces the features necessary to support compatibility with the future 2.0 release
  • OData Service for Team Foundation Server 2010 v1.0 RTW! – Greg Duncan highlights the release of the RTM of the OData Service for TFS, providing a powerful API to get data from TFS onto other devices and applications.


  • Visual Studio 11 .NET Advances – Somasegar continues his series looking at the features included with Visual Studio 11. This part discusses some of the significant updates to the .NET Framework in the 4.5 release.
  • Lap Around Roslyn CTP: Syntax Analysis and Flow Analysis – Sasha Goldshtein continues his series of posts looking at the Roslyn CTP release. This part explores the use of Syntax Analysis and Flow Analysis illustrating the use of these techniques to look for ignored method return values ins some code.
  • Building Visual Studio Extensions with Roslyn – Jonathan Allen is also exploring the use of Roslyn in a series of articles on InfoQ, and in this piece he discusses the various features and providers which enable you to bolt Roslyn powered functionality into Visual Studio, extending the IDE.
  • MSDN Magazine November Issue Preview – Michael Desmond gives his usual preview of the content coming in next month’s edition of MSDN Magazine, due out next week.
  • Async messaging realities – Jimmy Bogard highlights a short post from Ayende which helps to illustrate one of the key concepts in message based architectures, discussing the concept, and how it can make migrating to message based architectures more difficult.
  • Effective Techniques and Tools for Reducing Leaks in .NET (C#) – Chuck England discusses a variety of techniques and things you can do to help ensure that your code does not leak memory, ranging from coding standards o the use of profiling.
  • Nokia’s First Two Windows Phones Are Here. And They’re Awesome. – The Windows Phone Blog highlights yesterday’s launch of Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 devices – the moment I and many others have been waiting for to jump on board the WP7 bandwagon.
  • Using Windows Azure Regions efficiently – Pablo M. Cibraro discusses the notion of Windows Azure regions and how they map to particular data centres around the world, looking at how the choice of where to host affects performance and reliability, discussing the use of the Windows Azure Traffic Manager CTP, the Content Delivery Network and SQL Azure Data Sync.
  • Tombstoning with PhoneGap for Windows Phone 7 (and KnockoutJS) – Colin Eberhardt discusses handling the Windows Phone 7 application lifecycle states and transitions in HTML 5 / KnockoutJS based applications running on the phone within PhoneGap