• jQuery 1.7 RC1 Released – The jQuery Team announce the release of jQuery 1.7 Release Candidate 1, available now via the jQuery CDN. The team would like you to make use of the release candidate and report any issues encountered back to them.
  • Web Essentials – Mads Kristensen releases the next version of the Web Essentials Visual Studio Extension. Version 1.6 brings new features in the form of the Live Web Preview tool window, support for TODO comments in CSS and JavaScript and improves the performance of the extension.
  • Visual Studio 2010 SP1 – now available on Microsoft Update – The Visual Studio Team highlight the inclusion of Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 on Microsoft Update, which will now be pushing out this update to developers who have not yet updated.


  • SemVer, NuGet, and Nightly Builds – Phil Haack discusses some improvements to NuGet to help support its use in internal and Continuous Integration Scenarios, and the introduction of support for SemVer versioning numbers, discussing how to version pre-release and continuous integration builds.
  • When at last you await – Stephen Toub discusses a minor performance optimisation you can make with compositional code using the async / await keywords, showing two equivalent methods which have subtle differences in how they are actually implemented by the compiler.
  • Assault by GC – Marc Gravell discusses some useful optimisations you can make to improve the performance of applications which are experiencing stalls caused by long running garbage collection processes within the framework which helped improve the performance of StackOverflow.
  • Empty Charsets in IE 9 Causing JSON Parsing Errors – Rob Conery follows up from his previous post on issues with JSON parsing in Internet Explorer 9 when the charset was not set in the response, discussing the specification and Internet Explorer’s implementation.
  • Updated Win 8 Dev Platform diagram – Rockford Lhotka also follows up his previous post with and update to one of the diagrams, now updated to include the Chakra JavaScript Engine.
  • Entity Framework, The Five Years Plan, And Building Software on Future Features – Ayende looks back at the original aims for Entity Framework and how its ideas of Entity Data Model where intended to appear in the whole range of products across Microsoft’s development stack.
  • Models for a view (some objects are more equal than others) – Peter van Ooijen discusses the model component of MVC applications looking at the flow of Domain Objects from the domain model to the view, and the dangers in the flow being the other way round.
  • Rebuilding My Backbone.js Plugins With Modules, SRP and More – Derick Bailey discusses how he has been rebuilding many of his Backbone.js plugins using better JavaScript programming and development principles
  • Beginner Guide to Page and Script Debugging with Chrome – Dave Auld gives a tour round the debugging capabilities provided for Web Developers in the Chrome browser, discussing in detail the use of all the different features.
  • State of .NET Image Resizing: how does imageresizer do? – Bertrand Le Roy takes an updated look at the problem space of resizing images in web applications, discussing how the pure .NET ImageResizer.NET library compares to using GDI and WPF, and allows use in medium trust.