• Roslyn CTP Now Available – Somasegar announces the release of a Generally Availability CTP of the Microsoft project codenamed "Roslyn". This is a re-write of the compilers for VB and C# implemented in the languages themselves, facilitating the use of the compilers from your own managed code, exposing them as a compiler as a service, and enabling a number of very interesting scenarios.
  • The Roslyn Preview Is Now Available – Eric Lippert also shares in the announcement of the Roslyn CTP, discussing the state of the CTP release (remember this is essentially pre-beta software), and highlighting some of the existing limitations.
  • Introducing the Microsoft "Roslyn" CTP & Introducing the Microsoft"Roslyn" CTP – The C# and VB.NET teams also share the announcement, discussing some of the history leading up to Roslyn as the latest evolution of the two main .NET Languages, highlighting resources, and also requesting your feedback.
  • Announcing The Microsoft Roslyn CTP – Paulo Morgado shares a short getting started quide for the Roslyn CTP release, highlighting some of the additional features it brings to the Visual Studio IDE.



  • An evening of web and mobile app development – The South-West England Sencha Meetup based in Bath are meeting on Wednesday 30th November for an evening of talks on Mobile development, with sessions on Android and iOS development, along with a look at web based mobile development using Ext JS and Sencha Touch using the .NET Platform. Registration is required, and the number of spaces is limited for this event.
  • HTML5 Webcast/Webinar for ASP.NET Developers – Wallace B. McClure is running an HTML5 webinar for DevProConnections Magazine on Wednesday 26th October at 10am PDT, looking at HTML5 for Mobile development using ASP.NET, and also looking at the use of the jQuery Mobile framework.
  • Complimentary Two-Day ALM EXPO Virtual Conference – David Baliles highlights the complementary access to a stream from the ALM Expo at the Better Software Conference in Orlando which is running on the 9th and 10th November