• Roslyn CTP is available – Patrick Smacchia discusses this week’s CTP release of Roslyn a substantial effort from the Microsoft C# and VB.NET compiler teams to recreate the compilers in their respective language, and to add an incredible range of APIs for interacting with the various stages of the compile process.
  • Using Roslyn to implement an MVC Razor view engine – David Ebbo takes a look at using Roslyn in ASP.NET to act as a part of a Razor View Engine implementation, replacing out the existing compilation processes, sharing the code of his sample.
  • Roslyn Syntax Visualizers – Shyam Namboodiripad gives an overview of two of the samples included in the Roslyn CTP release – the Syntax Visualizer Tool Window and Syntax Debugger Visualizer
  • In bed with Roslyn – Ivan Towlson takes the wraps off the Roslyn CTP and starts digging down into how it can be used o enhance your productivity by manipulating code at compile time to easily implement tiresome features like dependency properties.
  • An update on Visual Studio performance – Larry Sullivan gives an update on the performance work being done on Visual Studio based on the feedback they are obtaining from users using PerfWatson.
  • What’s new in WCF 4.5 – Tooltips & IntelliSense – Piyush continues looking at the new features of WCF in version 4.5 of the .NET Framework, discussing some of the improvements made with respect to configuration, discussing improved intellisense and tooltips when editing the various WCF configuration elements
  • Coordinating multiple ajax requests with jquery.when – Joshua Flanagan discusses a jQuery 1.5 feature which makes the combining of results from multiple ajax results together with each executing asynchronously.


  • NxtGenUG – Event: Cool things in SQL Denali – The Oxford NxtGenUG User group welcome Andrew Fryer for a session on the new features of SQL Server Denali, the next major release of SQL Server on Tuesday 15th November.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Aspected Orientated Programming – The Southampton NxtGenUG are being visited by Yan Cui on Thursday 17th November for a session on Aspect Oriented Programming, looking at how AOP can mean fewer lines of cleaner, more concise and maintainable code.