• Web Essentials – Mads Kristensen updates his Web Essentials Visual Studio Extension which brings a number of useful features for Web Developers to the IDE across CSS, JavaScript and HTML, including adding Smart tag to help with cross browser support.


  • Problems with NuGet Today? – Phil Haack highlights an expired certificate on which may cause you problems when using NuGet with the standard feed address, and shares the direct package feed link you can use in its place to work around the issue.
  • Modernizr.js : Feature Detection – K. Scott Allen continues his series looking at what the Modernizr library actually does, looking in this part at how the library provides a way for you to check the capabilities of the clients browser with regard to the HTML5 features allowing you access to them both from CSS and JavaScript.
  • Backbone.js: Getting The Model For A Clicked Element – Derick Bailey continues his series exploring the Backbone.js library for constructing rich browser based applications, discussing the use of data-ID attributes to allow you to work out which element th user is actually manipulating.
  • KnockoutJS Custom Binding for Invoking an Action with Enter Key – Steve Michelotti discusses the use of KnockoutJS for creating rich browser based applications, taking a look at how the framework was designed for extension and putting some of the extension points to work to provide a means of firing actions with the enter key.
  • "Introducing Microsoft SQL Server Code Name ‘Denali’" Free (draft two chapter preview) eBook – Greg Duncan highlights a preview of two chapters from a forthcoming book on the next release of SQL Server.
  • WinRT Transitions- Creating Fast and Fluid Metro UIs – Colin Eberhardt takes a look at building User Interface Transitions in WinRT making a good user experience for your Metro Style applications without the use of story boards.
  • Event Sourcing as a strategic advantage – Jimmy Bogard discusses the strategic aspect of adopting Event Sourcing and Domain Driven Development and the importance of thinking carefuly about how your domain structure is created.
  • Your Browser Matters – Terry Zink highlights the launch of Microsoft’s new ‘Your Browser Matters’ site which attempts to inform browser users about the relative security level offered by their browser of choice.