• New Coding4Fun Toolkit v1.4.8 officially released – WindowsPhoneGeek highlights the release of an updated edition of the Coding4Fun Toolkit. Version 1.4.8 includes a number of fixes from the previous 1.4.6 release, along with updating the included Silverlight toolkit to the August release.


  • RFC: New website – Scott Hanselman announces the public beta of the new ASP.NET website, a redesigned, re-information-architectured, improved social integration rendition. The team behind this work are keen to hear your feedback on the beta site, and are collecting it via UserVoice (link in Scott’s post)
  • ASP.NET website redesign beta: What’s changed, why, and how you can make it better – Jon Galloway also makes the announcement of the new ASP.NET beta site, along with talking about some of the improvements in more detail, as well as comparing pages from the old (current) site with their equivalent in the new.
  • Loading jQuery Consistently in a .NET Web App – Rick Strahl discusses the loading of jQuery and associated libraries in the best possible way in your web applications, including discussing the correct use of Content Delivery Networks, protocol, version.
  • Preventing CSRF With Ajax – Phil Haack discusses the protection of requests from Cross Site Request Forgery using the standard functionality in ASP.NET , and how AJAX requests using JSON don’t work with this method, and shares a solution both as source on GitHub and as a NuGet Package.
  • – is a neat looking service which will take a project from GitHub and produce NuGet packages based on the live source and meta data associated with the project, publishing the resulting package in their NuGit NuGet feed.
  • Using Site Pinning and Overlay Icons for Enhanced User Notifications and Engagement – Rey Bango looks at how you can make use of the Internet Explorer Pinned site to keep your users up to date by providing an overlay icon which can be used to send status messages to your users, illustrating with an example
  • Modularity via Bottles – Continued – Josh Arnold continues his discussion of the Bottles concept used in FubuMVC, TopShelf, etc as a way packaging components which can be composed by a supporting application.
  • OpenWrap 2.0 – Package locking – Sebastien Lambla discusses a new feature recently added to his OpenWrap (v2) package manager – the ability to lock packages to specific versions, and discusses its use along with a discussion of the structure of version numbers.
  • ParallelLoopState and Parallel.ForEach – K. Scott Allen shows another illustration of the power available in the Task Parallel Library, showing how you can easily exit out of parallelized loops early using the ParallelLoopState Stop method.