• jQuery 1.7 Beta 1 Released – dmethvin and the jQuery Team announce the release of the first beta release of jQuery 1.7. Beta 1 is intended for early adopters to try using in their existing applications to help test the compatibility of the new version, and features a number of significant changes including new APIs for events, changes to form submission behaviour in older Internet Explorer versions, and much much more.
  • Final version of Windows Phone SDK 7.1 now available for download – Aaron Stebner highlights the release of the final edition of te Windows Phone SDK 7.1, linking to the official announcements along with the download links for both the English and non-English versions, along with highlighting some good resources for the SDK and discussing the installation and what to do if installation fails.
  • Windows Phone Mango release and we want your feedback! – Cheryl Simmons highlights the updated documentation and samples for the release of the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK and also directs feedback on these items to the team’s UserVoice site.
  • ILMerge get’s a rev – Greg Duncan highlights an update to the ILMerge tool released on Microsoft Downloads. As yet there appear to be no details of what has changed, but Greg has a link to the likely place where it will be announced.
  • NMigrate – Nicolas Dorier takes the wraps off the NMigrate Project, a framework for migrating various aspects of your application to future versions. The project is hosted on CodePlex, and this CodeProject article walks through the various aspects of its use.


  • Task Exception Handling in .NET 4.5 – Stephen Toub discusses some of the improvements in exception handling in the latest release of the Task Parallel Library in the .NET Framework 4.5 Developer Preview, discussing how they have strived for a high degree of backward compatibility along with some significant improvements.
  • Lighting up your C# Metro apps by Using the Settings Contract – Derik Whittaker continues his series of posts looking at the different features of Windows 8 which you can plug into your applications via the provided contracts, exploring the integration into this System Settings panel
  • CQRS is too complicated – Rob Ashton takes a look into one of the common issues people have with CQRS, the notion that it is too complicated, discussing how i doesn’t have to be that complex or difficult to implement with a look at a number of different scenarios.
  • Is SQL the barrier to continuous deployment? – Paul Stack discusses the complexities of working with database changes in a continuous deployment environment, discussing the use of tooling to help, and the practice of skipping automatic deployments of versions with database changes, as well as musing about how NoSql may change these types of problem.
  • Code Katas: Kicking off With a Little JavaScript – Adron shares his experience working on a Roman Numeral based Kata problem in JavaScript, discussing how he worked through the Kata, including the use of QUnit for the tests, sharing the full source of his solution.
  • Nullable Types’ Subtlety – Mehdi Khalili takes a look at an interesting problem involving Nullable types including a discussion of how the is operator works as a part of the solution (explored at the IL level)


  • JetBrains Tour – Essex, Cambridge, Manchester & Coventry – Hadi Hariri is on tour on behalf of JetBrains in the UK taking in a number of NxtGenUG groups between 14th and 17th November where he will be talking on the subject of mouseless driven development in ReSharper and how this tooling can help accelerate your development.
  • October 4th to 6th – FREE Online Conferences on Phone, Azure and IE – Eric Nelson highlights 3 days containing a couple of hours of online conference at the beginning of next month addressing Azure, Windows Phone and Internet Explorer. The events are organised as a part of the TechDays Online and are free to virtually attend.
  • Speed War (Operation"Jungle Cheetah") – WPO @ The Times (November) – The London Web Performance Group welcome Mehdi Ali, who is the Optimisation Manager for the Times websites for a session on the optimisation of heavily dynamic websites as well as opportunity to network and discuss on the evening of Wednesday 16th November,
  • Backbone.js Screencast – Introduction and Views – Joey Beninghove shares a re-recording of his webinar session originally presented for the Develop With Passion Webinar, giving an introduction to the creation of a backbone.js application, with a focus on the views aspect of the framework.