• September 2011 Release of the Ajax Control Toolkit – Stephen Walther announces the release of the September 2011 release of the Ajax Control Toolkit. This update, available from NuGet or the project’s CodePlex site brings start and end date restrictions to the Calendar, a control for displaying Twitter content, and a Gravitar control to retrieve User images.
  • Updated TPL Dataflow CTP – Stephen Toub announces the standalone release of the latest CTP release of the Task Parallel Dataflow library in addition to the library’s inclusion as a part of the .NET Framework 4.5 Developer Preview. This version of the library works against .NET 4 and brings a number of improvements over the previous CTP releases.
  • NServiceBus Modelling Tools – Udi Dahan announces the availability of the first version of tooling for Modeling NServiceBus, allowing you to design NServiceBus solutions from within the Visual Studio IDE
  • YUI 3.4.1 is now live – Allen Rabinovich announces the release of version 3.4.1 of the YUI JavaScript user interface library. This minor release includes over 150 bugfixes across a wide range project areas along with improvements to documentation and samples.
  • Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" update begins – Eric Hautala announces the official launch of Windows Phone 7.5 AKA Mango which is now actively being pushed out by networks, with most existing customers receiving it within 4 weeks.


  • Keep it secret, keep it safe – Eric Lippert discusses cryptography, its difference from security, and discusses some of the different types of cryptography using the Bob and Alice (and a few extras) scenarios to explain how the different types work.
  • Rewriting a 5 year old VB.NET WebForms application as an ASP.NET Web Pages application with Razor – Scott Hanselman discusses the steps he took to upgrade a simple old WebForms application to a more modern ASP.NET Web Pages application using Razor and Rob Conery’s Massive data access library.
  • Massive’s Dynamic Query Syntax – Rob Conery picks up on Scott’s early attempts to use Massive, showing some better ways of creating queries using Massive
  • Is OR/M an anti pattern? – Ayende discusses an article which suggests that Object Relational Mapping is an anti-pattern, discussing the different types of application and how ORM in the right circumstances is the right choice.
  • What’s happening on the NuGet feed (leveraging OData in an RSS reader) – Jason Jarrett discusses consuming the NuGet OData feed in your RSS reader as a way of monitoring the release of packages, building URLs which allow you to keep saved searches in your RSS reader, providing an alternative to NuGetFeed.Org for when your NuGet feed is more private.
  • MSDN Magazine: October Issue Preview – Michael Desmond gives a preview of the next edition of MSDN Magazine, due out early next month, highlighting all the significant articles and technologies which will feature.
  • Blob Download Bug in Windows Azure SDK 1.5 – Windows Azure Storage Team highlight a known issue with Synchronous blob downloads using the Windows Azure SDK 1.5 which can result in partial blob downloads being seen as a download of the full blob. A SDK hotfix will be available to resolve this issue shortly, and the team share a workaround for the meantime.
  • A Look at F# from C#’s corner – Demis Bellot takes a look at the F# language from the point of view of a C# developer, discussing some of the key features of the F# language and how it differs from C#
  • Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Quick Launch – Zain Naboulsi takes a look at the new Quick Launch functionality included in the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview looking at the different features it provides quick access to.
  • Doing Crazy Things with ASP.NET MVC 4’s Display Modes – Eric B Sowell takes a look at the ASP.NET MVC 4 DisplayMode functionality, discussing how it can be used to present different views to different types of devices, looking at how you can extend this functionality to present different views depending on the UserAgent.


  • NxtGenUG – Event: Visual Studio LightSwitch – The Manchester / Warrington NxtGenUG group is meeting on Wednesday 19th October for a session from Rob Martin looking at the Visual Studio LightSwitch tooling which provides a self service way of building applications for the desktop and cloud.
  • WPUG 25th Oct 2011 – Windows Phone 7 – WP7Dev – The London based Windows Phone User Group are meeting on Tuesday 25th October at Juno Bar. The agenda for the event is yet to be confirmed, but will hopefully consist of a speaker (or two) along with a chance to network with your fellow WP developers and an opportunity to demo and show what you have been creating.