• Cloud Identity Stories for Developers – Application Architecture Scenarios – Alik Levin shares a PDF version of ‘Cloud Identity Scenarios and Solutions for Developers’ which takes a look at a number of different authentication scenarios outlining the architecture to handle them and highlighting how-to and other resources to help implement the solution.
  • Free Programming Book – Practical Foundations for Programming Languages – Tatworth highlights the availability of a draft edition of ‘Practical Foundations for Programming Languages’ from Robert Harper of Carnegie Mellon University. This 550+ page book discusses all aspects of the formal computer science that goes into programming langauges.
  • Just a quick note about Tests – Mark Rendle discusses the importance of having a good range of tests for your projects, discussing how his suite of tests for Simple.Data give him certainty about the software he is delivering.
  • AutoMapper 2.0 – Nested/Child Containers – Jimmy Bogard shares a look at one of the new features of AutoMapper 2.0, support for nested / child containers for service location.
  • Mvc.ValidationTookit Alpha Release: Conditional Validation with MVC 3 – Simon Ince shares an alpha release of his ASP.NET MVC validation toolkit for ASP.NET MVC 3 which provides conditional validation support, dependency validation and validation groups answering some of the common requirements for more advanced validation.
  • NHibernate Built-in Code Based Mapping instead of using Fluent NHibernate – Kazi Manzur Rashid takes a look at the new built in Code Based Mapping which is provided in NHibernate 3. This built in functionality is similar in nature to that offered by Fluent NHibernate, and this post illustrates the conversion between the two with worked examples.
  • CSS3 text-shadow in IE10 – Jennifer Yu discusses the implementation of CSS3 Text-Shadow support in Internet Explorer 10, sharing a number of examples which illustrate the visual possibilities that this feature enables.
  • Avoid Parallel Hierarchies – Chris Eargle discusses a potentially troublesome object oriented situation as highlighted by Kent Beck in his book ‘Implementation Patterns’, discussing the scenario and how Generics can help restructure this relationship into a more manageable form.
  • Massive (The Micro-ORM), winforms and VB.Net – Christiaan Baes takes an introductory look at the use of the Massive Micro ORM from Rob , walking through a getting started from installation to retrieving data.