• jQuery 1.6.4 RC1 released – The jQuery Team announce the release of the first release candidate of jQuery 1.6.4, hoped to be the final 1.6 release this one addresses a number of bugs from previous 1.6 versions , and the team are keen for you to try it out.
  • MVVM Light V4 beta1 – Laurent Bugnion announces the first beta release of MVVM Light v4, a toolkit for easing the creation of MVVM based applications on WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone. The V4 release will be a significant one, with a series of major changes included.
  • Microsoft Solver Foundation v3.1 Released – Nate Brixius announces the release of version 3.1 of the Microsoft Solver Foundation, with th express edition available for download, with MSDN MSDNAA and Enterprise versions available soon. This release brings improved LINQ bindings better performance, and numerous solving improvements and new features.
  • Sync Framework now Open Source! – EGolpe highlights the release of the Sync Framework as an open source project, under mixed Apache 2.0 and MS-PL licenses (Client / Server)
  • Announcing Windows Azure Autoscaling Block preview – Grigori Melnik announces the preview release of the Windows Azure Autoscaling application block. This first release is available via NuGet and provides a way of automating and control the scaling of your application. This preview release has very little documentation, although the team are working on improving that


  • Web Forms Model Binding Part 2: Filtering Data (ASP.NET vNext Series) – Scott Guthrie continues his series of posts looking at the features of ASP.NET and Visual Studio vNext, continuing the exploration of the new Model Binding capabilities of ASP.NET WebForms, exploring the filtering of data
  • Implementing a simple HTTP server in .NET Microframework – Laurent Ellerbach discusses the creation of a simple HTTP based server, implemented in .NET Micro Framework and able to run on a Netduino
  • Trying out OpenWrap 2.0 – Seb Lambla gives an update on the progress being made on the v2.0 of OpenWrap his package manager project, and available now as an alpha release, which Seb encourages you to try out and join in with the development by submitting bug reports or joining in with the coding.
  • Windows Phone 7 WebBrowser control and target="_blank" – Dan Crevier discusses an awkward issue with links in web pages which use target="_blank" to open new windows, something which causes links to not work when using the WebBrowser control, sharing a slightly ugly workaround.
  • Fun with enum – Derek Fowler discusses some of the issues with parsing values into Enums, looking at the use of Convert.ChangeType and Enum.IsDefined to help with the conversion in a TryParse Implementation.
  • The Rise of F# – Phil Trelford takes a look back over the F# language’s rise in popularity discussing some of the key points and events which helped make F# the language it is today.
  • Castle validator component for Beginner – Henry He shares an introduction to the Castle Validator project, introducing the attributes used for validation, discussing how the validation works from an architecture point of view, and looking at the implementation of custom validation rules.