I’m expecting a busy blogging week this week with the // BUILD conference this week….


  • Package validation in NuGet Package Explorer – Marcin Miko?ajczak of SymbolSource.org shares a useful extension for the NuGet Package Explorer allowing you to validate your symbols packages for your projects ensuring that your packages contain all the correct symbols for your assemblies.
  • "Mouse without Borders" utility from Microsoft Garage (Software KVM + Shared Clipboard + Files) – Greg Duncan highlights ‘Mouse without Borders’ a tool that allows you to share a single mouse and keyboard over multiple machines, as well as providing clipboard synchronisation and drag and drop file copy between machines.
  • Chutzpah – Chutzpah 1.2.0 Released – Matthew Manela announces the release of Chutzpah 1.2.0, his JavaScript test runner which can be run from the command line and Visual Studio. This new release is available as NuGet packge, source on Codeplex, and also in the Visual Studio Gallery and provides a way of running JavaScript tests in command line and browser.
  • Sync Framework Toolkit now available for download – Sreedhar Pelluru announces the release of the Sync Framework Toolkit which provides easy means for creating disconnected applications with data synchronisation supported over multiple platforms