• August ’11 TFS Power Tools are available! – Brian Harry announces the release of the TFS Power Tools August 11 release. This release includes all the things Brian outlined in his earlier post (Windows Shell Extension updates, Work Item search, Rollback in UI, Build Automation Utils, and much more) Brian also discusses their development release cycle, suggesting that there will likely be a new release in around 4 months time.


  • Swapping out JQuery with Fiddler – Eric Lawrence shares a neat tip for debugging JavaScript issues when using minified libraries like jQuery, using Fiddler to swap out the requests for the minified library with the non-minified version so you can easily debug.
  • HTML 5 and jQuery – A Match Made in Heaven – Steve Wellens takes a look at using HTML5 data- attributes to decorate HTML content with hooks that jQuery can pick up upon and attach functionality.
  • Building JavaScript MVVM apps in ASP.NET MVC using KnockoutJS – Shiju Varghese takes a look at the power of KnockoutJS for building ‘desktop like’ applications using the MVVM pattern in client side code in the browser, illustrating with an ASP.NET MVC backended sample.
  • Fundamental MVVM – John Papa gives a nice definition of the MVVM pattern in a short piece for Visual Studio Magazine
  • Silverlight 5 Incompatibility: Play by the Rules – Jeremy Likness shares the details of a backward compatibility issue between Silverlight 4 and Silverlight 5, illustrating with an example of the issue
  • A One File .NET Micro Service Bus for MSMQ? – Johan Danforth shares the details of a micro framework implementation of a Service Bus based on MSMQ. This simple framework shows that ‘big’ architectural concepts don’t have the be huge libraries
  • Going Asynchronous – Chris Eargle continues on from his object oriented programming example twitter application, looking at how async operations can be added into the mix to resolve the issues of blocking the UI thread.
  • Read only, frozen, and immutable collections – Andrew Arnott takes a look at the various options available for implemented readonly, frozen and immutable collections in .NET, defining the terminology looking at the options, and comparing them on a variety of factors.


  • F101- Behaviors, Configuration, and Runtime – Josh Arnold shares the recording of the re-run of hos Webinar on FubuMVC, where he explored routing, controller actions, action calls, behaviors, behaviour nodes, chains and graphs, IUrlPolicy and much more. Josh is keen to get feedback on these sessions and on how they can be included into the guides for FubuMVC.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: NHibernate from the trenches – Richard Wilde is taking his session on NHibernate from the trenches to the Oxford NxtGenUG group on Tuesday 13th September, where he will be giving the lowdown on NHibernate 3.2 and its used in real ASP.NET MVC applications.
  • Zen and the Art of Software, and How to Manage Your Manager – Scottish Developers welcome Mark Rendle for two sessions on Monday 10th October, delivering both his session on quality in software (titled Zen and the Art of Software) and also his well received ‘How to Manage your Manager’ session.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Jon Skeets’ brain dump – The NxtGenUG in Southampton welcome Jon Skeet for a peek inside his mind on Thursday 15th December, where there will no doubt be a plentiful array of interesting and complex ideas about C# and .NET.
  • WPUG 21st Sept 2011 – Windows Phone 7 – WP7Dev – The London Windows Phone User Group are running their regular meeting on Wednesday 21st September 2011, in Juno Bar. The speaker for the event have yet to be confirmed, and the event will have a mmix of presentations app demos, Q&A and a chance to meet your fellow WP7 developers
  • FREE Online Windows Phone Mango training August 23rd and 24th – Eric Nelson reminds us all that two days of free virtual training on Windows Phone Mango are available on the 23rd and 24th August, hosted by Rob Miles and Andy Wigley. The sessions are running on US time, so run from 4pm to midnight giving you a deep dive into WP7 Development.