• EF 4.2 Beta 1 Available – The ADO.NET Entity Framework Team announces the availability of the first beta release of Entity Framework 4.2. This release marks the start of a new versioning strategy for the EF project with version numbers taking a semantic versioning approach.
  • "Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Release Candidate" on Microsoft Downloads – Greg Duncan highlights the availability of the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Release Candidate on Microsoft Downloads. This release includes the latest version of the SDK, emulator, assemblies, XNA, WCF Data Services for Phone, and much more, and ushers Mango ever closer to RTM.
  • Official site of AutoMapper launched at – Jimmy Bogard announces the launch of a dedicated site for his AutoMapper project, a library which provides a low code solution to mapping data between object instancse. The new site hosts news RSS feeds, wiki, mailing lists, and links to the source code.
  • Introducing ORM Profiler. Beta-testers wanted! – Frans Bouma announces the launch of the beta of his new ORM Profiler tool, a profiler which allows you to inspect what is going on behind the scenes in your ORM. Frans is looking for beta testers of this new project, needing 25 testers who use LLBLGen Pro and 25 users using other supported data access frameworks.