• The easy way to set up NuGet to restore packages – David Ebbo highlights the work David Fowler has done in the creation of the NuGetPowerTools package which makes it much easier to set up NuGet use without committing packages to source control, providing a useful improvement on David’s earlier process.
  • The Year in Review: W3C Web Performance Working Group – Jatinder Mann takes a look back at the work of the W3C Web Performance Working Group in its first year, giving an update on the specifications the group are working on.
  • HTML5 Rocks – How Browsers Work: Behind the Scenes of Modern Web Browsers – Tali Garsiel takes a fascinating and in-depth look at what goes on inside the modern web browser, discussing in detail the inner working os the Gecko and Webkit rendering engines
  • Html 5 Controls for ASP.Net MVC – Saleth Prakash shares a collection of HTML5 ‘controls’ implemented as a comprehensive collection of extension methods for use in ASP.NET MVC views giving you an easy way of rendering these new markup elements.
  • AppFabric Duplicate Message Detection – Alan Smith highlights a series of webcasts over on on Azure AppFabric Queues, Duplicate Message Detection, and Messaging Message Expiration, and shares an article version which digs into the code for the duplicate message detection
  • Underscore.js – K. Scott Allen highlights Underscore.js, a library which adds functional programming support to JavaScript without extending any built-in JavaScript objects, allowing you to write more functional style code.
  • Making the most out of IIS compression – Part 1: configuring IIS 7 compression – Matt Perdeck starts a 2 part series looking at compression in Internet Information Services (IIS), beginning with part 1 looking at compression in IIS7, looking at the installation and configuration of the compression features.


  • NxtGenUG – Event: A Look at Powershell – Jimmy Skowronski joins the Coventry NxtGenUG on Monday 26th September 2011 for a session looking at the use of PowerShell from the ground up, exploring its use for developers and sysadmins alike, and looking at the extensibility provided by PowerShell.