• Welcome to Building Windows 8 – Steven Sinofsky launches a new blog which the Windows 8 Team will be using for discussing some of the new features and design decisions they are making in producing the new version of Windows.
  • Oh view where are thou: finding views in ASP.NET MVC3 & Optimizing ASP.NET MVC view lookup performance – Sam Saffron discusses the performance of view lookup operations in ASP.NET MVC3, in actuality finding a significant difference in behaviour when <compilation debug="true" is set in your web.config file. Marcin Doboz responds to the post with some more details about things you can do to improve performance in this area.
  • Clojure and the CLR – K. Scott Allen discusses his love of LISP like languages, and highlights the clojure-clr project which brings a LISP like language to the .NET CLR.
  • Dealing with singular plural phrasing – Phil Haack discusses adding polish to your application by ensuring that words are correctly pluralised, sharing a simple solution to the problem. Check out the comments for some links to other approaches, and a number of recommendations for the Castle Inflector.
  • Make Your Website More like a Native App – Sara Allison shares an article from Justin Whitney on the UK MSDN Team blog which discusses some of the steps you can take to make your website more like a desktop application by exploiting the functionality provided in Internet Explorer 9 and 10 to more tightly integrate with the Windows shell.
  • Introduction to HTML5 Web Storage – Lars Kappert gives an introduction to the Web Storage aspects of HTML5, outlining its purpose, use, and limitations. Comments on this one have some interesting discussions.
  • LINQ query performance – Colin Angus Mackay discusses refactoring code to use the LINQ Any() method, discussing how its performance differs from the use of Count() > 0, and looking at some real performance data he has gathered looking at different sized sets and predicates.


  • DDD Brisbane – The DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper community conference continues extending its presence with DDD Brisbane planned for later this year. The current target date is 26th November at the Queensland University of Technology.
  • Europe Virtual ALT.NET: Mike Murray on Compositional and Convention-based Web Development With FubuMVC on 20 September 2011 – The European Virtual Alt.NET usergroup welcome Mike Murray for a session on the FubuMVC framework, exploring its use in building compositional convention based web applications. The session is being hosted on Tuesday 20th September over Live Meeting, starting at 7:00PM GMT (So 8pm in the UK due to British Summer Time)
  • Backbone.js Screencast – Introduction and Views – Joey Beninghove shares a screen cast version of the content from his recent Develop With Passion Webinar on Backbone.js, giving an introduction to the framework, exploring bootstrapping your application and looking at the view functionality.