• Windsor 3 beta 1 is released (along with other goodies) – Krzysztof Kozmic announces the first Beta release of Castle Windsor 3. The V3 release is a major one, and brings with it a number of new and improved features such as WCF Integration, introduction of scoped and bound lifestyles, improved debugger views, Lazy component support, and much more.
  • Announcing Simplified Data Transfer Billing Meters and Swappable Compute Instances – The Windows Azure team blog highlights two billing related changes beginning on 1s October. Change 1 is a reduction in price of the extra small compute offering, and a standardisation on Small Compute Hours as the unit for all compute allocations, with the larger compute plans consuming more than 1 per hour, and smaller consuming less than 1.



  • Gary Short on Applied F# – Tonight (Tuesday 16th August) Gary Short joins the F#unctional Londoners for a session on applied F#, in which he will show how he has been using F# for calculating the metrics
  • NxtGenUG – Event: NHibernate from the trenches – Richard Wilde visits the Oxford NxtGenUG for a session on NHibernate and its use in real world applications, looking at and giving tips on building excellent data access applications using NHibernate, exploring sessions, transactions, queries, unit of work, and testing, on Tuesday 13th September. The NxtGenUG in Oxford are being joined by Kendall Miller for their October event ‘The Kendall Miller Tour ‘ on Tuesday 25th October where Kendall will be discussing API design, outlining some of the key principles of commercial API design and looking at some real world examples.