• Using Windows Phone As Windows 7 Accelerometer Sensor – Arik Poznanski explores hooking the Accelerometer in a Windows Phone 7 device as a Windows 7 sensor allowing you to control applications on your Windows 7 desktop or laptop using the WP7 device.
  • The Backbone.js Todo List Refactored – Part 2: Being Reactionary – Rob Conery continues his exploration of Backbone.js with the second part of his series looking at refactoring the code in the Backbone,js Todo sample application, exploring the reactive nature of views and looking at refactoring the views in the application.
  • Enabling And Disabling A Button With Backbone.ModelBinding – Derick Bailey follows up on ihs recent post on enabling and disabling buttons in Backbone,js Modelbinding, looking at an alternative implementation based on feedback from the backbone mailinglist.
  • Making Switch Refactorings Better – Defaultable Dictionary – John Sonmez shares an implementation of a dictionary class which provides for returning a default value when no match is found, making it ideally suited to refactoring switch statements into a map / dictionary approach and handling the default case of the switch in an elegant way.
  • Understanding"Prototypes" in JavaScript – Yehuda Katz shares a nice introduction to the prototype approach to objects in JavaScript, exploring creating objects using prototypes, adding properties, and exploring object orientation
  • Small Revamp to and Free Chapter of Beginning F# – Rob Pickering has given a spring clean to his website, and also made available the full chapter 3 from his ‘Beginning F#’ book. This chapter explores the way functional programming works in F# and is a great resource for getting up to speed with this aspect of F#.
  • New Async Programming Video’s – The Visual Basic Team highlights a collection of new videos about the Async features of the Async CTP for Visual Studio 2010 showing them in both Visual Basic and C#.
  • Internet Explorer 9.0.2 Update – Eric Lawrence highlights some of the recent security changes to Internet Explorer 9 released over Windows Update, including restrictions on the use of the File:// protocol in pages served over HTTP(S) and the storage of cookies
  • The Top 5 WPF and Silverlight Gotchas – Chris Farrell explores 5 of they key gotchas for memory management in WPF and Silverlight applications, looking at how the issue comes about and sharing possible solutions to resolve the problems.
  • Multiple face detection and recognition in real time – Sergio Andrés Gutiérrez Rojas explores the use of Emgu CV a .NET wrapper over the Intel OpenCV image processing library to perform facial recognition on images