• Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is Launching July 26th! – The Visual Studio LightSwitch Team announce that their official release will be on Tuesday 26th July, and highlights some resources for you to get up to speed with LightSwitch 2011
  • EntitySpaces/Punchout – EntitySpaces LLC shares a new library of controls which build upon the Knockout JavaScript MVVM implementation, initially providing a grid implementation. These controls will be available as generic controls and also specialised to work with EntitySpaces specific functionality


  • July’s MSDN magazine is out now – Rachel Collier highlights the availability of the July edition of MSDN Magazine, this month focusing on the Web Platform. Articles this month include Workflow in SharePoint Online, WPF in PowerShell , ASP.NET MVC Web Grid, performance counters using ASP.NET MVC Filters and much more.
  • datajs samples – Marcelo Lopez Ruiz highlights the availability of some samples for the recently released datajs library. The samples cover consuming OData, using the Storage and Caching APIs, and aim to illustrate best practices use of the library.
  • Managing data in web applications with HTML5 Web Storage – Rachel Appel explores the concepts and level of support for the HTML 5 web storage APIs, discussing their use, limitations and some of the things to be aware about when using them.
  • Yahoo YUI compressor and .Less with Visual Studio – Simon Harriyott shares some excellent advice and tips on working with CSS using the .less library to make the development experience better and the YUI Compressor as a part of your build to minifiy your CSS output.
  • Code rant: The First Rule of Threading: You Don’t Need Threads! – Mike Hadlow discusses the (mis)use of threads, and how in many cases you really shouldn’t be using your own threads and should be using the Async functionality already provided in .NET (not just the fancy new stuff in C#5) when you are waiting on slow IO.
  • Rethink your Data Model – Karl Seguin discusses some of the benefits of NoSql data stores which many people overlook, focusing on just the performance at huge scale benefit. Karl also discusses the differences in how you should model your data model in NoSql databases like MongoDB orver their relational (distant) cousins.
  • Using PC Hardware more efficiently in HTML5: New Web Performance APIs, Part 1 – Jatinder Mann kicks off a series of posts looking at the Implementation of the Web Performance APIs in the latest Internet Explorer 10 preview release, These emergent APIs are the work of the W3C Web Performance Group and aim to provide a way to harness the raw hardware of the computer for best performance.
  • NHibernate Pitfalls: Table Per Concrete Type and Native Id Generators – Ricardo Peres shares another NHibernate Gotcha, this time looking at how to structure your keys in table per concrete type inheritance structures.
  • Building Nice Display Names From Pascal-Case View Model Names in ASP.NET MVC 3 – Matt Honeycutt explores how you can manipulate the names returned as metadata used by the MVC framework when rendering labels using your own implementation of a IModelMetadataFilter.