• Intelligent model binding with model binder providers – Jimmy Bogard continues exploring the concepts of Model Binding in ASP.NET MVC and looks at some of the improvements to model binding introduced in ASP.NET MVC3 such as the Model Binder Provider which mean you may be able to simplify the code you wrote to extend model binding in ASP.NET MVC 1 and 2.
  • HTML5 Parsing in IE10 – Tony Ross discusses the improvements the Internet Explorer team have been making to the HTML parsing engine in Internet Explorer 10, adding the HTML5 parsing algorithm which will further help developers by ensuring that all the major browsers parse HTML into the DOM in the same way.
  • Using NuGet in a MSBuild-target to have the packages at the last stand – Marko Apfel explores the use of MSBuild targets to run NuGet and fetch all of the projects required package dependencies at build time, meaning that you don’t have to commit the binary packages to your source control and can still checkout and build straight away.
  • Cloud Computing – Free eBooks on Cloud Computing Basics – Microsoft UK Government Blog highlights a series of eBooks looking at the use of cloud computing in (US) government, addressing collaboration, developing, virtualize and consolidation, private cloud and security topics.
  • A powerful pile of PowerShell ebooks (all free too) – Greg Duncan highlights a page from Jason Hofferle on which he has collected together all the freely available eBooks which discuss PowerShell topics. With the introduction of the Package Management Console in VS2010 with NuGet PowerShell is a topic which is well worth getting to know.
  • HTMLImage – Generating Dynamic Image using Plain JavaScript – CodeProject – ‘darkoman’ takes a fascinating look at the use of Data urls and construction of image data manually in JavaScript to provide a way of creating images on the fly client side in the browser in this CodeProject article.
  • HTML5 / JavaScript: Reflections and Skew Effects – RobertNowik is also experimenting with visual effects, looking at how you can implement reflections and skewing using the canvas element and JavaScript.
  • Improving the performance of your Coded UI tests – Deepak Mittal shares a number of tips and recommendations to help you obtain the best performance out of the Coded UI Tests to record and test web applications.
  • JavaScript is Assembly Language for the Web: Sematic Markup is Dead! Clean vs. Machine-coded HTML – Scott Hanselman discusses the use of tools which generate HTML and JavaScript resulting in difficult to understand and ugly code rendered to the client, discussing the appropriateness of such techniques. Interesting discussion going on in the comments of this one.


  • SpecFlow & S.O.L.I.D – DevEvening – The DevEvening UserGroup running out of Woking Surrey welcome Paul Stack and Nathan Gloyn on Wednesday 27th July for sessions on SpecFlow testing with WatiN, and SOLID Code respectively. I’ve seen both sessions at recent conferences, and they both come highly recommended
  • July ’11 – One year on – Windows Phone UG – The Windows Phone UG in London will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary on Wednesday 20th July. To celebrate they will be having sessions on the WP7Contrib library and the use of SketchFlow Templates for Windows Phone Development.