Slow news day today due to holidays in the US I suspect – hope everyone over there had an enjoyable Independence Day


  • All-In-One Code Framework surpasses 1,000,000 downloads! – Congratulations to the All-In-One Code Framework team on passing through the 1 million downloads barrier this year. If you haven’t already checked this project out then you are really missing out, it provides a huge array of code samples for a variety of non-trivial cases.
  • First stable release of the Community TFS 2010 Build Extensions – Jakob Ehn highlights the first stable release of the Community TFS 2010 Build Extensions, a collection of 100 custom build activities for interacting with the likes of IIS7, PowerShell, NUnit, Hyper-V and much more.


  • Flowing Bowling Game Kata I – Ralf Westphal takes a look at a simplified Bowling Game Kata exercise using Flow Design and Event Based Components to solve the problem. This first post explores the problem space, and constructs the model to be used in the next post to create the Event based components.
  • Getting your NuGet Gallery Orchard Growing… – Greg Duncan highlights a post from ‘espenao’ which shares some tips on creating your own NuGet Gallery installation to host your own package repository.
  • Passing Objects between ASP.NET and Silverlight Controls – Brij Mohan continues this series looking at passing data between ASP.NET and Silverlight, exploring the passing of objects of data using object serialisation, working through the process step by step.
  • Bin Deploy ASP.NET MVC 3 Application With SQL CE 4.0 & Entity Framework – Prashant Khandelwal discusses the ‘bin’ deployment of ASP.NET MVC with Entity Framework and SQL CE 4.0, showing the steps required to get this working on a hosting provider who do not permit you to install the libraries globally.
  • WebSockets, WCF & Silverlight 5 – Bert ONeill explores the creation of a WebSockets application, using a Silverlight client, calling back to the HTML Page to execute JavaScript to communicate back to the server, showing the use of this technology in a simple example.
  • 15 Episode SQL Azure Learning Series – Eric Nelson highlights a series of short episodic videos which give you the essential bits of information about working with SQL Azure, exploring Getting Started, Administration, Migration and Synchronisation Programming and Business Intelligence.
  • Create the Next Big App: Webcast Series – Microsoft Press also highlight a web cast series looking at a range of different scenarios where the cloud can be helpful, as well as a series of Windows Azure virtual labs to take your learning deeper.