• Console2 – A Better Windows Command Prompt – Scott Hanselman encourages you to embrace the console / command line way of life, taking a look at the latest release of Console2, a console replacement which offers a vast array of features above and beyond the standard command line experience.
  • NHibernate.Envers – a quick introduction – ‘Guardian’ takes a look at using the NHibernate.Envers project with the latest NHibernate (3.2) adding entity versioning to your applications easily.
  • Latest datajs changes – changeset 8334 – Marcelo Lopez Ruiz discusses the latest changes pushed into the Data.js library, not yet available in an official release. The new release adds support for custom cache sizes, combining caching with the Reactive Extensions, authentication improvements, and much more.
  • 7 Apps In 7 Days – Jonathan Rozenblit highlights a series of posts from Atley Hunter, discussing a 7 apps for Windows Phone 7 in 7 days challenge he set himself. The posts give the background to the challenge and discuss the implementation of each of the 7 applications.
  • Testing in Production (TiP) – It Really Happens – Examples from Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft – Seth Eliot discusses the practice of testing in production, looking at the theory and practice behind a number of different techniques for performing this type of testing, along with some examples of testing in production gone wrong.
  • TFS on the Road: A new Windows Phone 7 app for Team Foundation Server – Brian Keller – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Brian Keller highlights the ‘TFS On The Road’ Windows Phone application from Pedro Castelo Branco Lourenço. This application is a free application which allows your phone to explore the data that is in your TFS instance. Pedro also has a blog post discussing the building of this application.
  • Windows Phone 7 App – ContactShare – Mike Taulty discusses the creation of Contact Share, a Windows Phone 7 application which uses QR Codes to send contact details between phone devices. Mike talks about the application, the investigations he did, shows the app in operation in a short video, and discusses some of the lessons he learned along the way.
  • Introducing Octopus, my MicroISV – Paul Stovell announces his new MicroISV application, an automated deployment tool which will combine convention over configuration and NuGet into an AppHarbor inspired way of easily deploying your applications.
  • Compiler directive #Pragma reference – Abhishek Sur takes a look at the #Pragma compiler directive, looking at the use of #Pragma Warning to control the compiler warnings given at build time, and #Pragma Checksum used to control versioning of source in PDB files.
  • Working with Microsoft Chart Controls – C. Miller takes a look at the use of the Microsoft Chart Controls from the System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting namespace in ASP.NET MVC applications, building on previous articles on the Charting Control to get charts in your MVC application
  • Anatomy of a Domain Hijacking, part 2: The Website Who Came In From The Cold – Leon Bambrick gives an update (good news) on the hijacking of his main domain name, and takes the opportunity to remind us all about ensuring access to key services like email are well and truly secured.