• CQRS EventStore v2.0 Release – Jonathan Oliver announces the release version 2.0 of his Event Store project. This project provides a persistence mechanism with storage abstraction allowing saving to a variety of mediums, to be used when you work with even sourcing. The library has a vast number of storage engines implementations, many complete (with other to follow in future versions)
  • CLAP: Command-Line Auto Parser – Adrian Aisemberg shares the first version of CLAP, a command line parser which supports verbs and arguments, inspired by the ASP.NET MVC Controller Actions. The library makes it easy to create command line applications which have complex parameters, including support for default verb, aliases, default values, switches, basic parameter types, array parameters, and validation.
  • Tooling News: Web Application Configuration Analyzer Released – The Security Development Lifecycle Team share the news of the release of the latest edition of the Web Application Configuration Analyzer (WACA), highlighting how it supports and complements the SDL processes along with the Attack Surface Analyzer


  • Cool stuff in FubuCore No. 7: Model Binding – Chad Myers continues his series of posts looking at the best bits of the FubuCore library. This post explores the vast subject of the Model Binding support in FubuCore exploring the use of the ObjectConverter and ObjectResolver, Value Converter and IConverterFamily, and property and model binders.
  • Hey — you wanna review my new book? – Eric Sink has finished the first draft of his new book ‘Version Control by Example’ which explores Distributed Version Control Systems (particularly Mercirual and Veracity). Eric is now looking for reviewers to read and feed back on the draft to help him polish the final edition – If you fancy giving a hand, get in touch with Eric.
  • ASP.NET Web Pages – Quick Sheet Documentation Example (Feedback Needed) – Erik Reitan of the ASP.NET and Web Tools Developer Content Team shares a preview of a ‘quick sheet’ reference card format which the team are considering using for documentation about a particular feature. The team are seeking feedback on this sample, so take a look and send them your impressions.
  • NETMF Version 4.2 Beta now available – Colin Miller announces the release of the beta bits of the .NET Micro Framework v4.2 now available via CodePlex. This release brings a number of new features beyond the previous alpha release, most notably support for VB.NET, String Builder and RegEx.
  • WP7 Mango: Mark-Sweep collection and how does a Generational GC help – Abhinaba Basu goes back to basics on the new Windows Phone 7.1 Mango garbage collector which uses a mark and sweep generational approach to garbage collection, discussing in detail how this type of GC works.
  • How to get started with Team Foundation Server – Eric Nelson discusses the options for getting up and running with TFS, looking at the pre–prepared virtual machine images and direct install options, highlighting a number of great resources to help you along the process of install and familiarisation.
  • Creating a State Machine in Code – Ron Jacobs explores the creation of State Machines in Windows Workflow 4 without the use of the designer, working only in code. In this post Ron discusses the complexities and shares a prototype for further discussion.


  • Monads in .Net – F#unctional Londoners – The F#unctional Londoners welcome Mike Hadlow and Gian Ntzik to their meeting on Monday 4th July. Mikle will be delivering his session on Monads in C# and F#, and Gian will be discussing distributed computation in the cloud using F#.