• Task Parallel Library for Windows Phone 7 – Senthil Kumar highlights the release of The Task Parallel Library for Windows Phone 7 1.0. This is not an official Microsoft release, and is in fact created by porting the Mono version of the TPL to Windows Phone 7. The library is available as a NuGet package.
  • Project Silk Drop 10 – Karl Shiftlett announces the release of the 10th Drop of Project Silk from the Patterns and Practices team. This release includes updates based on feedback from the JavaScript Review and advisory board, and is accompanied by the Project Documentation, available in PDF format.
  • 200% Reflective Class Diagram Creation Tool – Sacha Barber has created an update to his AutoDiagrammer, a UML like diagram generator which examines ,NET assemblies, releasing a second edition which is a major step up in terms of how it works and the functionality provided. Sacha provides a detailed article discussing the creation of this tool, along with the download.



  • Brighton ALT.NET, 7th June 2011 – The Brighton Alt.NET Beers event is running tonight (Tuesday) at The Skiff in Brighton, a great opportunity to talk code and geekery and drink a few beers with a nice bunch of folk.