• Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Platform Update 1 – Steve Danielson highlights the release of the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Platform Update 1, an update which addresses top customer requests by adding functionality, principally in Windows Workflow Foundation, adding StateMachine, State, FinalState, Transition, StateMachineStateQuery, StateMachineStateRecord classes along with support for storing workflow in SQL Azure. There is also a corresponding tooling update which updates intellisense and multi-targeting to support these changes
  • Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.5 now available! – Xiang Li announces the release of Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.5. This release fixes over 60 bugs as well as adding a number of new features such as detection of model changes, multiple machine support allowing you to use more compute resource for exploration.
  • MSBuild Extension Pack April 2011 Release – "If you MSBuild it, they will…" – Greg Duncan highlights the release of the April 2011 release of the MSBuild Extension Pack, a completely backwardly compatible release available for both .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0 which introduces 20 new tasks / task actions along with a variety of improvements and bugfixes.


  • Microsoft datajs API: A 5 Minutes Quick Start – Ashraful Alam takes a brief look at the latest release of of the datajs API from Microsoft, updated last week, which makes it easier to build data-centric JavaScript applications consuming oData (and other formats) and making use of HTML5 browser features. This post explores a simple sample using datajs.
  • WCF Extensibility – Message Inspectors – Carlos Figueira is mid-way through a series of posts looking at the various extensibility points available in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and in his most recent post looks at the use of Message Inspectors to interact with the messages being communicated. Well worth checking out the other posts in the series if you haven’t already.
  • Exploring ECMAScript 5 with a Simple Game of Poker – Jared Straub discusses the latest Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive demo application, a game of Texas Hold’Em implemented in object oriented JavaScript, illustrating some of the more advanced features of IE9’s JavaScript implementation.
  • Silverlight 5 Beta Rough Notes – Multiple Window Support – Mike Taulty shares his notes on the newly introduced Silverlight 5 feature of Multiple Window support available in out of browser and elevated trust scenarios
  • Mix 11 Videos – Download them all with RSS – Scott Hanselman shares the easiest way to get all the great content from Mix 11 delivered to your computer by subscribing to the RSS feed for the event in your favourite PodCast downloader.
  • Presentation Tips Learned From My (Many) Mistakes – Phil Haack shares a collection of presentation tips based on his experiences moving from his intense stage fright to talking to large groups across the world, revealing a number of great tips about preparation and demos, as well as giving some of the secrets of the level of preparation used of large keynote events.


  • HTML5 Community Night: streamed from Silicon Valley – Jon Box highlights the HTML5 Community Night, a joint venture with the silicon Valley JavaScript group. The event is a joint physical and virtual event with sessions from both the IE and Google Chrome teams being streamed online. The event takes place on Tuesday 26th April at 6pm EST (making it the early hours of the morning in the UK)