• Now Available: Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh with Web Deploy Integration – The Windows Azure Team announces the Windows azure SDK 1.4 Refresh – the latest update of the tools for building applications on the Windows Azure platform. This release introduces improved deployment using Web Deploy which can make deploying much easier under certain circumstances.
  • StyleCop 4.5 RC1 – Tatworth highlights the release of StyleCop 4.5 Release Candidate 1. The StyleCop team have been hard at work on this release with a vast number of releases along the way, and this release candidate release is the result. If you haven’t already tried V4.5 give this release a go and help the team out with your feedback.


  • Algorithm Tutorials – Karl Seguin announces a side project of his, a site dedicated to some of the key basic algorithms and data structures in computer science. As a non-computer-science educated developer these sorts of site are very valuable.
  • Async CTP Refresh – compiler bug fixes – Lucian Wischik discusses some of the compiler bugfixes introduced in the Async CTP Refresh, illustrating how the compiler used to generate code (and illustrate the bug) and what the new compiler output looks like.
  • Creating a Markup Extension for MEF with Silverlight 5 – Jeremy Likness takes a look at one of the new features of Silverlight 5, the ability to create custom markup extensions for use in XAML which allow you to pass further information through to the generated object graph. In this post Jeremy shows how you can easily create one of these and register it for use with MEF.
  • Update on the Microsoft jQuery Plugins – Scott Hunter shares an update on the work that has been going on with the jQuery Plugins that Microsoft are working on, and discusses the changes in the management of plugin projects at jQuery.
  • Configuration Settings Are A Dependency That Should Be Injected – Paul Hiles discusses how configuration is often overlooked as something that you should be injecting into your business logic using Dependency Injection in order to have properly unit testable classes.
  • Indexed Sequences – Chris Eargle builds on a class from Phil Haacks recent post on Better Razor ForEach Loops giving a class which allows for additional information to be attached to entries allowing order to be changed whilst maintaining the original indexing.
  • /Platform:AnyCPU, /Platform:x64, /Platform:x86, what do they mean – Li Chen discusses the various platform compilation switches and what they mean for the executing CLR and the use of ActiveX / COM /COM+ components.
  • A Collection of JavaScript Gotchas – Jonathan Cardy shares a collection of areas in which JavaScript differs from other programming languages which can result in un-intended behaviour and misunderstandings