A browser crash at too later stage in my Morning Brew Prep has curtailed today’s Information section – anything from yesterday that didn’t go in today will be in tomorrow’s edition

MIX, Silverlight and Windows Phone


  • Refreshing the Async CTP – Eric Lippert announces the release of the next Community Preview of the Async Language Features. This release brings Async features to the Windows Phone Platform, works in non-english versions of Visual Studio, and includes a Go Live License allowing you to use these features in production (at your own risk). This release also contains features and fixes to address the top issues raised with the previous CTP and is well worth checking out. Lucian Wischik has details of the install process, and getting up and running with Async on the Phone in his post Async CTP Refresh – Installation
  • RouteDebugger 2.0 – Phil Haack highlights a really useful looking tool for helping diagnose Routing issues available as a part of the Glimpse Web Debugger project.
  • xUnit.net 1.8 – The xUnit.NET team have released the RTM version of xUnit.NET 1.8 – from what I gather this release is actually the same as the release Candidate, just with a label change on the download – great news as the RC process must have had no significant issues – well done guys
  • Announcing datajs version 0.0.3 – Asad Khan of the WCF Data Services Team announces the release of data.js 0.0.3, a library for JavaScript which aims to make data heavy application development easier. This new release makes use of some of the HTML5 local data storage features to improve the caching of data, and adds pre-fetch capabilities


  • The seven deadly sins for the developer (* some restrictions apply) – Ayende kicks off a discussion of Development Anti-patterns, sharing three of the worst practices, and calls for his readers to add their own ‘favourite’ crimes against code in the comments.
  • Me on NHibernate 3.2 – James Gregory discusses the new Fluent ‘loquacious’ API for configuring NHibernate in NHibernate 3.2, and how this relates to the FluentNHibernate project