Software & MIX11

  • Introducing ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update – Phil Haack announces the release of the ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools update, This release does not bring new features for the MVC Framework, but brings some really cool updates to the Visual Studio tooling, including HTML5 templates, Scaffolding of Controllers with plug-in capability, the inclusion of Modernizr and Entity Framework 4.1, along with JavaScript dependencies as NuGet packages allowing for easier updates to these. And if this wasn’t enough, you also get NuGet 1.2 as the cherry on top
  • EF 4.1 Released – The Entity Framework Team announce the RTW release of Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 which brings the official release of the DbContext API, giving a easier to use interface to the Object Context along with the introduction of Entity Framework Code First, allowing you create model classes and define their mappings in code.
  • MVC 3 and EF 4.1 Code First: Here are my classes, now you do the rest, kthxbai – Julie Lerman takes a walkthrough of the MVC3 Tools Update and Entity Framework 4.1 Code First, illustrating a use case that is now possible using the features introduced in these latest releases.
  • Native HTML5: First IE10 Platform Preview Available for Download – Hot on the heels of Internet Explorer 9 and after only 3 weeks development the Internet Explorer announced their first preview release of Internet Explorer 10 in the MIX11 Keynote. IE 10 continues to build on the HTML5 functionality of IE9, expanding on the standards compliance and performance work, with support for things like CSS3 Gradients, Grid and Column layouts, Transitions and 3D Transforms.
  • The World’s Biggest Pac-Man & SVG Girl – Another feature of the Internet Explorer part of the keynote was a number of new TestDrive examples showing the power of Internet Explorer 9’s Graphics and Hardware acceleration, and in these two posts Joey deVilla highlights two very impressive examples.
  • Windows Azure News from MIX11 (April 2011) & Access Control Service V2 – Free Until 2012! & Windows Azure Traffic Manager (WATM) CTP announced at MIX 11 – Lots of new stuff was also announced in the Windows Azure Space, including a new SDK release offering improved deployment tooling, the production release of then Access Control Service (which is free to use through to January 2012), and a CTP release of the Azure Traffic Manager, providing functionality for Geographically distributed data centre deployments.
  • Windows Azure Benefits for MSDN: New and improved – Jim O’Neil highlights and explains some changes (improvements on the whole) to the Windows Azure Benefits included as a part of an MSDN Subscription, bringing increased quotas across the board, and also the introduction of benefits for Visual Studio Professional MSDN Subscribers.
  • Free security updates for April – Marcelle Amelia highlights yesterday’s Patch Tuesday update patches, including a number of important security ones, so make sure you apply these patches to all environments you are responsible for.



  • Monospace has a home! – Louis Salin confirms some good news about the Monospace conference, with a date and location for the event now secured in Boston. The conference Call for Speakers is currently open, so if you have an interest in presenting on Mono, of the OpenSource .NET space then get your submissions in.
  • DDD South West Registration is Open – Rachel Hawley highlights the opening of registrations for the third DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper South West Conference to be held near Bristol on Saturday 11th June 2011. Spaces are filling up quickly so register soon to avoid missing out. Also Rachel gives a shout out to next month’s DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Scotland conference, which is currently accepting Waiting List registrations as the event has ‘sold’ out.