• Caliburn.Micro RTW, NuGet Support, Mix Open Source Festival! – Rob Eisenberg announces the release of Caliburn,Micro 1.0 RTW for Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone. This release brings a number if new features for providing modal dialogs and support for obtaining the library using the NuGet package manager.
  • Phoney Tools 1.0 Released! – Shawn Wildermuth announces the release of Phoney Tools 1.0, his library of tools for Windows Phone Development which contains controls, helper classes and converter implementations. The library is available as source and Binary and also via NuGet.
  • Version of StyleCop released & StyleCop for VB.NET – do you want it? – Tatworth announces the latest beta release of StyleCop which includes a number of bug fixes, 5 new rules, and now also contains the StyleCop for ReSharper plugin. Also, support for VB.NET is under discussion on the CodePlex site, so if you are a VB’er who is interested in having StyleCop like functionality for VB.NET, go share your opinion.


  • Intro to WinDBG for .NET Developers – Kirk Evans gives an introductory look at WinDBG Debugger and and PssCor2 Debugging Extensions, walking through the use of these tools in diagnosing problems with a simple sample program.
  • Effective Tests: A Test-First Example – Part 3 – Derek Greer continues his series looking at Test Driven Development and good Tests, continuing with his worked TDD example Tic-Tac-Toe game implementing the last few requirements tests and implementation, discussing and looking at the refactoring in detail.
  • ASP Classic Compiler: the unit testing framework is released & How to contribute – Li Chen releases and discusses the testing framework for this Classic ASP to .NET compiler project, and also puts out an appeal for other interested developers to get involved with the project.
  • On Development: An alternative to NotImplementedException – Patrik Hägne shares a simple tip using the Conditional Compilation features of C# to provide a means for breaking the build if you forget to implement some functionality when not building in release mode.
  • Visual Studio 2010 Version Selector fails to Open SLN files – Ron Jacobs shares a useful tip regarding problems with the Visual Studio Version Selector not opening seemingly valid Solution files due to them being the incorrect character encoding.
  • A Developers’ Guide to Refactoring Databases – Nick Harrison discusses the why and how of implementing Evolutionary Database Design looking at the best practices for refactoring databases and sharing some guidelines for performing these refactorings.
  • Rounded Corners and Shadows – Dialogs with CSS – Rick Stral takes a look at the complicated landscape of CSS Rounded Corner support in browsers, looking at how you can use these features to generate nice looking dialog boxes using the browsers own functionality.


  • DDD South West – Registration for DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper South West 3.0 opens today (Tuesday 12th April) for the event near Bristol on Saturday 11th June. DDD SW, like all the DDD events is for the community by the community, and boasts a great agenda of sessions from top UK based speakers (and me).
  • Mix11 – Watch the keynotes live, read the liveblog – Guy Barrette reminds us all of the Mix Keynote broadcast and live blog, both good ways of keeping up to date with what is going on over in Vegas over the next few days.