• Announcing TouchStudio – Nikolai Tillmann announces TouchStudio, a new project from the Microsoft Research ‘Research in Software Engineering’ group. TouchStudio allows you to write scripts on your phone device and have them executed there too, and the first version is available now on the MarketPlace.
  • Extended WPF Toolkit Release 1.4.0 – Brian Lagunas announces the latest release of the Extended WPF Toolkit which introduces 11 new controls to the library along with the usual improvements and bugfixes to existing ones. Brian’s post gives an overview of each of the new controls (Calculator, ColorCanvas, DateTimePicker, DecimalUpDown, DoubleUpDown, IntegerUpDown, PropertyGrid, SplitButton, TimePicker, and WatermarkTextBox)
  • NuGet package for Sharp Architecture – Alec Whittington – Alec Whittington announces the availability of a NuGet Package for the Sharp Architecture, making it really easy to get SharpArchitecture up and running in your project and ensuring that the key dependencies are installed correctly.


  • MvcScaffolding: Scaffolding custom collections of files – Steve Sanderson completes his series exploring the MvcScaffold NuGet Package with a look at generating multiple files which work together, and illustrates the power of MvcScaffold with an examples of an Ajax powered controller.
  • Getting Constructive On ASP.NET Deployment – Rob Conery continunes his discussions of Web Deployment taking a look at how current Microsoft Tools could be extended to make deployment easier, proposing a number of interesting solutions.
  • Building Caliburn.Micro’s NuGet Package – Rob Eisenberg discusses the creation of the NuGet package for Caliburn.Micro, highlighing some of the key lessons learned, and sharing the scripts which help construct the package and make the install work.
  • Introducing LLBLGen Pro QuerySpec: a new fluent query API – Frans Bouma introduces the new Query API for LLBLGen, bringing a new fluent expressive API , discussing some of the key points of the API and some of the design decisions made during its creation.
  • NHibernate Examples – Davy Brion has begun the process of updating his NHibernate Samples from NHibernate 1.2 to the current revision, constructed as a suite of Automated tests running against a SQLite database. Full source code of the examples can be downloaded, and Davy will be adding to them over the coming weeks.
  • On deprecation – Grigori Melnik discusses the processes behind the depreciation/retirement of features from the Enterprise Library, looking at the thinking behind these decisions and sharing some real world examples of features which have be considered for depreciation.
  • ditto : with regard to AutoMapper – Mike Nichols continues discussion of his ditto project, discussing in this post how ditto is different from AutoMapper
  • The Visual Studio Patch Place – Greg Duncan highlights the Visual Studio 2010 Patch list, a list of all patches for Visual Studio available on Connect, many of which are already parts of the service pack releases, but some others which have not been included.
  • Refactoring toward frictionless & odorless code: Limiting session scope &The case for the view model – Ayende is mid-stream of an interesting series looking at refactorings and patterns which can make your code better and easier to work with, and in these two posts discusses an anti-pattern of keeping sessions open too late and allowing views to request data, and looks at how the View Model pattern can be introduced to avoid these problems.


  • Software Craftsmanship Round-table (New Venue) – The London Software Craftsmanship Community host their next Software Craftsmanship Round–Table event on the evening of Monday 18th April at a new venue. Places are limited to 25 for this event which offers an informal environment to discuss code, patterns and technology.
  • Slides and Notes from "So You Think You Know JavaScript" – Dylan Beattie shares the slides and video along with sample code used in his recent London .NET User Group presentation on JavaScript at Skills Matter.