• Enter ditto – Mike Nichols releases Ditto, an object to object mapper which itches his scratch for an implementation which will work as a CQRS denormaliser for updating a view model from multiple different events. In this post Mike discusses his motivation for the project, along with discussing the design and implementation. Full source is available on github.
  • Pepper: A Visual Studio Settings Synchronisation & Backup Extension – Willy-Peter Schaub highlights Pepper, a Visual Studio 2010 extension from Robert MacLean which provides a means of backing up and synchronising your IDE settings, allowing you to keep settings in sync between multiple machines or simply keep a backup copy in the cloud.
  • dotCover 1.1, dotTrace 4.5 Performance Beta Releases – The JetBrains team announces the beta releases of dotCover 1.1 and dotTrace 4.5. These new versions build on the success of the Early Access Preview releases, and dotCover boasts improved integration over the EAP release, as well as all the other new features. dotTrace gains improved calls stack display, better performance gain prediction, improved performance and much more.
  • Team Explorer Everywhere is now available in 3 new languages – Brian Harry announces the release of three new UI languages for Team Explorer Everywhere as a single language pack which adds German, French and Japanese languages.


  • MvcScaffolding: Creating custom scaffolders – Steve Sanderson continues his series on MvcScaffolding and hi look at the customisation of the framework with a look at creating your own scaffolders allowing you to have the MvcScaffold framework create things other than the built in controllers, actions, repositories, etc
  • NuGet Needs Your Input – Phil Haack, on behalf of the NuGet project, appeals to the community for help in making decisions regarding multiproject solutions. If you have 5 minutes read this post and fill out the short survey to help the team make the right decision.
  • Building Better HTML5 – Somasegar discusses the support for HTML5 across the Microsoft Developer tools currently available, including Internet Explorer 9 Developer Tools, Expression Web 4, Expression SuperPreview and Visual Studio 2010, along with highlighting a number of other projects and resources for working with HTML5.
  • Add dynamic property in regular objects with new dynamic object supports in .net 4 – Kazi Manzur Rashid takes a look at using dynamic objects with your existing static typed objects to provide dynamic properties on your objects, and looks at providing nice support to allow casting your object as dynamic to give nicer access to these dynamic properties.
  • OData Primer wiki content re’org… Now we’re cooking with pages! – Greg Duncan highlights the OData Primer wiki and discusses his involvement with the project which is cataloging the great resources about all aspects of OData.
  • Paper: A Co-Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks – Todd Hoff highlights a paper from Erik Meijer and Gavin Bierman which discusses noSql databases as the duality of regualr SQL databases. Duality is a very interesting concept when applied to computer science and gives some very powerful realisations (remember its application in relation to LINQ to objects and the Reactive Extensions?). Interesting stuff.


  • Be quick to bag a space at UK Tech.Days 2011! – Rachel Collier gives an update on the uptake of places at the UK TechDays 2011 events, highlighting the events making up this ‘super’ event which still have spaces available .