• StyleCop and StyleCop for ReSharper have merged – Howard van Rooijen announces the merging of StyleCop for ReSharper with the main StyleCop project, and discusses the process being undertaken for competing the merge of these two projects.
  • posh-git Release v0.3 – Keith Dahlby announces the formal release of v0.3 of posh-git, a set of PowerShell scripts which bring better integration of git into PowerShell. This new release has an easier way of getting the scripts, along with some performance and tab expansion improvements.


  • MvcScaffolding: Overriding the T4 Templates – Steve Sanderson continues his series digging into the functionality of MvcScaffolding, taking a look at how you can change the T4 Templates used to generate the code for the different Scaffolding operations to allow you to control and customise the code generated.
  • The sound of .net – A demonstrations site showing ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, and a raft of other OpenSource libraries running on AppHarbor which provides some useful community function, aggregating all the .NET Podcasts about.
  • Taking Proper Screenshots in Windows for Blogs or Tutorials – Scott Hanselman shares the how and how not of generating good screenshots for inclusion in documents and blog posts, showing illustrations of each of his things to avoid and things to do
  • Extending Bddify – Mehdi Khalili takes a look at the extension points included in his Bddify BDD framework for .NET, explaining how the extensibility works, and looking at the implementation of custom Scanners (which fetch scenarios from test objects) and processors (which allows for custom output from your tests)
  • Debugging Series: Symbols Server and Your Symbols – Cameron Skinner continues his debugging series continuing his look at Symbol Servers, exploring how you can publish the symbols from your own applications allowing you to get a good debugging experience without having the exact source for the deployed version.
  • Automatically Including Current Language In Generated URLs With ASP.NET MVC – Davy Brion looks at controlling the URLs generated using routing to allow the inclusion of language codes in URLs to make localized versions of sites be output cache friendly
  • Getting a Windows Azure account for Rock, Paper, Azure – Following on from the announcement of Rock Paper Azure in yesterday’s edition, Brian Hitney looks at the 4 ways in which you can get an Azure account to allow you to take part.
  • Mono Android and iPhone Updates – Miguel de Icaza announces the release of Mono for Android 1.0 and MonoTouch 4.0, the latest versions of the Mono Project’s projects which allows development of Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). This release brings with it the benefits o Mono 2.10 Core and the C# 4 language and .NET 4 APIs
  • A Simple Computation API with Progress Tracking – David Sehnal shares an interesting article which look at using the Reactive Extensions for .NET and the Async CTP functionality to provide monitoring of progress of a long running computation.
  • F# Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4.1 – Jack Hu takes a look at the use of the Code First functionality of Entity Framework 4.1 with F#, illustrating some of the power of F# for quickly and simply building Object Oriented Structures, and hooking them up to EF.


  • Get your MIX Fix Online – Bill Zack highlights the plans for live broadcast of the Keynote addresses from MIX11, taking place next week (Tuesday & Wednesday), along with the promise of having all sessions videos online and available to watch within 24 hours.
  • Pluralsight’s Weekly Webcast: ReSharper Tips and Tricks – The ReSharper team highlight this week’s Pluralsight webcast taking place today (7th April) at 11:00 AM EDT (GMT-5) where James Kovacs will be sharing ReShaper tips and tricks, along with answering viewers questions.